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Brothel Offers Free Sex for Getting Vaccinated

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Because there are so many illegal aliens in Europe, they are now offering free sex in return for getting vaccinated. Clearly, our political leaders have been bought and paid for to do this for Big Pharma when there is absolutely no benefit to the vaccine; it neither prevents you from getting it nor spreading it. Israel has already confirmed that the majority of people who have died were vaccinated. It really makes no sense as to why the drastic push.

CDC animals with COVID Gates Vaccinate the World

I learned in high school health class that we cannot cure the flu nor the common cold because these exist in animals as well. This is what Fauci has been creating like Dr. Frankenstein — “gain of function” — meaning taking viruses from animals and manipulating them to infect humans. This is very straightforward. We cannot cure anything that co-exists in animals – PERIOD! Gates has created this worldwide panic to sell his vaccines to make him so rich that he will rule the world. He will end up with more wealth because he will not donate vaccines to the poor. He wants the industrialized countries to pay him and donate them — so much for being a philanthropist.