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Biden’s New Anti-Republican & Independent Punitive Orders.

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Biden Poll 70 against him

The Biden Administration has continued its onslaught against political adversaries by now creating rules that workers at larger businesses will have to get vaccinated for COVID-19 by Jan. 4, 2022, or face regular testing under new federal rules. The people behind Biden do as they like because he is the one who will go down in history as a tyrant – not them. He is also imposing a $14,000 per employee per incident that they do not comply with these rules. Thi impact 84 million workers. They will then seize people’s homes and through their families out on the street to collect their fines while seizing bank accounts. The Supreme Court has abandoned the American people and they will push the nation into civil unrest.

Workers refusing to take the vaccines will be subject to regular testing and Biden wants them to pay for the cost as he introduces punitive measures as much as possible. With these vaccines being only temporary, this implies that the vaccinated will need booster shots without end. Even 25% of the White House has COVID even after being vaccinated. Biden lacks the power to mandate every individual be vaccinated so he is being as punitive as possible and will seize property and bank accounts trying to wipe out all those who oppose him.

Yet all the information coming out from Israel shows that the vaccinated are even dying and they certainly get COVID and can spread it. So why is a vaccinated person also not required to get regularly tested and wear masks? This makes no sense and it is simply a means to restrict the movement of people putting the health of the entire population at risk for a control gimmick.


Politicians are simply refusing to answer legitimate questions no matter what country we look at. I learned in health class in high school that we CANNOT cure any virus when it also resides in animals. Trudeau in Canada said he would donate vaccines to the third world to terminate COVID. Either he is outright stupid or a boldface liar or just a fraud. COVID is already in the animal population.