Bayer President: The mRNA Vaccines Are Gene Therapy

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President of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division, Stefan Olerich, admitted at the World Health Summit in November 2021 that the COVID mRNA vaccines are a form of gene therapy. The pharmaceutical companies knew they were administering gene therapy falsely marketed as a common flu-like vaccination.

How is this a conspiracy when a top guy at Bayer said directly: “mRNA vaccines is gene therapy.” Anyone who declared that the vaccines altered DNA in any form was condemned and labeled as spreading fake news. Yet, Big Pharma has been touting it as such for months. “Two years ago, 95% of the people would have refused to take the gene therapy. But COVID made it possible.” The Bayer executive smugly stated.

The mRNA vaccines for covid are a form of gene therapy. This fact has not been hidden from the public. Unfortunately, many are unwilling to accept that they forcibly took a vaccine that may come with long-term consequences as they were unknowingly the first live sample trial on the global population.