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AstraZeneca Vaccination Side Effects

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COMMENT: I am one of the people who has suffered at the hands of the Astra Zeneca Vaccine BUT no one really believes me!I live in Botswana and all of 2020 we kept free of this virus. then april 2021 we had our first JAB and i was really ill with malaria like symptoms five day. Decided not to have 2nd Jab but then not having done research at this stage i went for 2nd on 23 June – what a disaster – 6 hours later i could hardly walk. Anyway Ive slowly got through it but still battling muscular inflammation. Its a disaster.please please continue telling people about this jab –  and thanks for the truth.

REPLY: I am sorry to hear about the adverse reaction you had to the AstraZeneca vaccination. It is understandable why people have taken the vaccine due to a lack of transparent information. The public at large only knows the vaccines as being a “safe and effective” method against COVID. In addition to being afraid of losing employment or being banned from travel and entering businesses, this moral spin has caused many to feel a false sense of guilt as if they will infect others if they do not comply. We now know the truth.

In your country, the Botswanan Covid Task Force recently admitted that new omicron cases are primarily found among the vaccinated. In the US, we have the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) where government agencies allegedly track vaccination complications. Yet, the people behind VAERS have admitted that fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse reactions are reported. Unfortunately, the risks involved may become more apparent as vaccination efforts increase and more people experience the potential consequences.