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Zelensky Wants Poland to Invade Ukraine

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2019 Zelensky Wins

Zelensky wil not negotiate with Putin 2 2023

Zelensky is facing rising opposition. He has suspended the elections because he was elected promising peace and has consistently waged war and refused even to negotiate peace. He authorized a false flag shooting a missile into Poland, and tried blaming that on Russia. Zelensky told CNN in February 2023 that he refused to negotiate with Putin.  This civil war in Ukraine was instigated by the unelected interim government of Ukraine installed by the Neocons. Ukrainian sources swear that the election was rigged and the votes were fixed to install Zelensky, who has done precisely the opposite of his campaign promises.

With Ukraine essentially destroyed, its farmland being sold to his hedge fund investors, and nearly 10 million Ukrainians have fled the country, many of whom have no intention of returning. He suspended elections because he knew very well he would be voted out of office with more than 500,000 dead and, kidnapping 16-year-old boys conscripting them for the front lines.

There is a growing movement to overthrow Zelensky as Ukrainians are starting to wake up that they have been merely the vanguard sacrificed to weaken Russia before NATO declares war on Russia under some pretense.

Our sources have been saying that Zelensky intends to allow Poland to take the Western region of Ukraine, and that will be a step toward justifying war with Russia. This is now starting to be reported in foreign press – never in Europe or the United States.