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Zelensky the War Criminal

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Time Men of Year Zelensky Hitler Stalin

The international age limitation on military drafts is generally 18 years or older. Canada and Australia put it at 17 years old. Zelensky has imposed two decrees which prohibit the departure of teenagers aged 16-17 from the country, effectively turning Ukraine into a prison camp. Over 8 million Ukrainians have fled from this tyrant. He has burned through the adults in his army. Instead of entertaining any idea of peace or just allowing the Donbas to vote peacefully as he pretends to defend Democracy, Zelensky has turned to mobilizing the children so he does not have to admit he is wrong. Zelensky is in good company. Time Magazine also named Hitler and Stalin, twice in 1940 & 1943, all Men of the Year.


With a second decree, Zelensky tightened the conscription policy and not just drafted children under 18 but also disregarded whether they were fit or not for military service. On Zelensky’s orders, he is now taking children by force. He refuses to consider the population of Ukraine but prefers to only talk about how great it will be for investors to buy Ukraine since he is killing off the population. He refuses to negotiate and seems to be intentionally turning the people against him personally.

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There are many Ukrainians who are starting to see the light that their enemy is Zelensky – not Putin. The day before the invasion, he told the press that Ukraine would rearm with nuclear weapons. That was the final straw; Putin even said that in his speech to the nation as the reason to invade, the same as the US concern over Cuba back in 1962.

Zelensky Did not warn people Washington Post 8 19 22

Even the pro-Ukraine Washington Post, which would love World War III to sell more papers, reported that Zelensky knew when Russia would invade and did not warn his people because of money. “If we had communicated that … then I would have been losing $7 billion a month since last October, and at the moment when the Russians did attack, they would have taken us in three days,” Zelensky said.

Merkel_Minsk_Buy_Time_to Prepare for wart

If Zelensky is assassinated, the West will blame Russia. There is far more incentive to kill this high-heel pretend head of state from inside the ranks of Ukraine for destroying their country, all on the orders of the Neocons for a strip of land that has been the home of Russians for hundreds of years. Russia did NOT invade Ukraine; it came to support the Donbas, which was supposed to have a democratic right to vote on their separation under the Minsk Agreement. Why should China, Russia, or any country trust the EU and the United States ever again when they do not honor agreements?



The lies are just over the top. Ukraine was free. Just honor the Minsk Agreement; the Ukrainians had their first country in history. But no! Zelensky is lining his pockets while pretending he was fighting for freedom and democracy when that was secured under the Minsk Agreement. This is going down in history alongside the weapon of mass destruction. The Neocons also bullshitted the world for another one of their endless wars they never win. These people are the real war criminals. They start wars all for their deranged view of hatred.

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Zelensky has done nothing but try to drag the entire world into his war against Russia. And for what? A territorial grab where Ukrainians have never lived? Any politician who supports Ukraine and this deliberate attempt to create World War III should be barred from ever holding any public office, including a dog catcher or a sanitation worker cleaning toilets.



He wants to kill off our American children now so he can create the biggest investment project with Blackrock – real blood money. Personally, I would not advise anyone who puts money in Blackrock. They should take a gun, go to Ukraine, and fight like they want everyone else to do so they can make their subsequent big profit over the blood of our children. Pure evil scum! I would not invest with any firm looking to do business in Ukraine.