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Zelensky Tells just Too Many Lies To Keep Them All Straight

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Zelensky Schwab

The BBC reported Zelensky’s comment regarding the drone attack on the Kremlin: “We don’t attack Putin or Moscow. We fight on on our territory. We are defending our villages and cities,” he said, speaking on a visit to Finland.

Zelensky is such a liar this man should not be greeted by any head of state. The Leaked Pentagon Papers suggest Washington was secretly monitoring Kyiv’s military plans, amid fears an assault on Moscow he planned for Fed 24th anniversary would trigger a major escalation. The Neocons told him to stand down because they want to provoke Putin to attack to justify the US getting involved in the war.

The US military has already been told to prepare for war. The US is sending troops and has been negotiating what is known as DCA “defense cooperation agreements” treaty which allows the US troops freely operate in foreign countries. The US is now preparing to send troops to Finland.

I think if Russia sent troops to Canada or Mexico to aid in their “protection” we would not be very happy.

This is going around now from KyivPost on the Kremlin Attack.

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