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Zelensky – Dictator for Life – Investors Get Out – Ukraine Will No Longer Exist after 2027

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Time Men of Year Zelensky Hitler Stalin

Many Ukrainians see Volodymyr Zelensky as a dictator who has betrayed his own country for a handful of silver. From tomorrow, May 20th, Zelensky’s presidential term is formally at an end—but no new elections will be held as long as Ukraine is under martial law because he would be overwhelmingly voted out. He preaches that Ukraine is fighting for freedom and then denies them the right to vote on his policies – so much for freedom and democracy. Zelensky has no incentive for peace at this point in time.

2019 Zelensky Wins

Zelensjy won the election, which some say was rigged, promising PEACE with Russia. Comments from Russia were positive hoping there would be peace. But Zelensky lied to the people just to gain that power and then did the exact opposite.

Zelenskyy Johnson

When peace was at hand, Boris Johnson hopped on a plane to make certain there would be no peace. This has raised major concerns in Ukraine that the people are sent to the slaughter with no right to decide the fate of their own future. This is why on the ECM turning point, May 7th, 2024, two Ukrainian military officers were arrested because they sought to save their country by assassinating him, just as the military command tried to assassinate Hitler. Naturally, Ukrainians immediately claimed they were working for Russia. That was not true.

As long as the war drags on for years, Zelensky has unilaterally declared himself a dictator, probably for life, and there will be no elections. He has the audacity to argue that since Ukraine is fighting for the sake of democracy, like so many other leaders, they do the opposite of what they say. He has no intent to allow elections to take place.

Two days before this term was to end, Zelensky pushed through legislation that would make it easier to identify every conscript in the country. It also provides incentives to soldiers, such as cash bonuses or money toward buying a house or car, that Ukraine cannot afford, but the American taxpayer will cover all the pensions for those in the Ukrainian government. This shows how desperate Ukraine has become with the growing strain that more than two years of war has had on Ukraine’s forces. Zelenskyy also signed two other laws Friday, allowing prisoners to join the army and increasing fines for draft dodgers fivefold. Small businesses are likely to collapse as most of their workers will now be conscripted into the military. This will further undermine the Ukrainian economy.


Zelenskyy and Fink had “agreed to focus in the near term on coordinating the efforts of all potential investors and participants in the reconstruction of our country, channeling investment into the most relevant and impactful sectors of the Ukrainian economy,” CNBC reported in December 2022. I have to warn DO NOT INVEST IN UKRAINE. The country will no longer exist, and Zelensky suspended all debt payments with the war along with elections – in any book on finance, that is a SOVEREIGN DEFAULT.

Confederate Bond

There was also great hope as the British bought Confederate Debt. That did not end well for them when they lost the war. Anyone in their right mind knows there was NEVER any expectation that Ukraine would ever defeat Russia. This is like Cuba starting a war and people really thinking they could defeat the United States. This is beyond hope—it is just propaganda people wanted to believe.

2024_ Blackrock wants money back WSJ

Now, Blackrock, with the Aladian, obviously might be able to do high-frequency trading, but when it comes to the global economy, it was not that smart. Now Blackrock is asking for its money back because they now realize that Ukraine will lose, and all their efforts thinking this would be over quickly and Russia would be defeated was absurd. Blackrock and JP Morgan will take big losses on Ukraine for their absolute stupidity in making investment decisions based on propaganda and newspaper headlines.

Ukraine_Hryvnia Y Array 5 17 24

When we look at Ukraine, we see that the Array has flatlined into 2027. Ukraine will NOT survive as a country that we have known. Zelensky has been a traitor and taken orders from the Neocons and destroyed his own country.