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Will Zelensky Resign?

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Zelenskyy_said_he_s_not_sure_Putin_is dead

This is a very disturbing undercurrent in Ukraine. Many are starting to question Zelensky on many levels and his comments at Davos that he even questioned if Putin was still alive has many wondering if his act has not gone just too far. He paints this image that if just Putin was killed somehow there would be peace. That is absurd. Even the former Russian President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev has constantly raised the issue of nuclear war and recently hinted that Moscow might resort to nuclear strikes should it fail to win its war with Ukraine by conventional means. Zelensky told the Italian Parliament that Russians were torturing children with no proof and that vanished the next day.

Zelensky seems to make up things all the time and is constantly trying to engulf everyone in World War III from begging NATO to invade Russia to NATO should launch an immediate nuclear attack to destroy Russia. There is a rising group within Ukraine that sees what is taking place and that the West is perfectly happy to watch Ukraine take the vanguard position against Russia and its culture and people to die for land that was never occupied by Ukrainians since Ukraine was never a country before the USSR breakup.



Most disturbing is that Zelensky hid his Jewish origin for Jews and Russians were hated by the Neonazis. Here is a video of him on stage making a joke about targeting Jews and Russians. This is a video of how Zelensky was before he became President. He married a Christian girl and his children were baptized, Christians. He suddenly became a Jew when soliciting money from Israel. Listen to his jokes. It is funny to rob the property of both Russians and Jews.

The systemic ethnic hatred in Ukraine will prevent any peace with Russia. They live for the day of total annihilation of every Russian in Ukraine and in Russia. Ukraine is notorious for its ethnic cleansing which is why they joined the German Nazis. They have been against anyone other than pure-blood Ukrainian living in Ukraine.

There is a quiet political crisis brewing in Ukraine, and recently Zelensky’s close advisor, Aleksey Arestovych resigned. There are those who are trying to mount an impeach meant effort and Zelenskuy for his lies and corruption. There is rising discontent that people are dying for no legitimate reason when the Donbas has historically been Russian and even if Putin withdrew, they would still be waging war against the Russians that live there until they are all annihilated. The slogan I was told in 2014 was that Crimea will be Ukrainian or Crimea will be depopulated. That was their battle cry at the start of the civil war instigated by the US-installed unelected government in 2014.

Some believe that the United States is not just sacrificing Ukrainians for its proxy war against Russia, but that it is sacrificing Europe as well. There are many in Europe starting to realize that NATO is pushing for direct conflict with Russia using Ukraine as the expendable vanguard to weaken Russia. NATO will then invade conventionally and destroy Russia once and for all.

Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the EU, made an emotional plea to EU leaders that they should give Kyiv any weapon that can be used there. There is no European consensus for many are starting to see that they are expected to sacrifice their own economies all to conquer Russia.

Indeed, nobody seems to be considering what would happen if Russia lost. The country has nuclear weapons all around and Russia would quickly divide into states and we would then have numerous nuclear power states in the middle of absolute chaos. As always, nobody seems to think beyond the immediate step. They took out Sadam Husain and opened the door to religious terrorism.



Meanwhile, Washington has refused any peace negotiations and instructed Zelensky to fight until the last Ukrainian falls. I reported months before that inside info from Ukrainian sources was telling me that over 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers were dead. I got hate emails saying that was fake news. It was classified info Zelensky was hiding from his own people.



Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the EU, had released a video and then edited it deleting that very information at the request of Zelensky that 100,000 Ukrainians have already died on the battlefield. All this is to hide the fact that Ukraine has been losing the war contrary to Zelensky’s propaganda.

The Ukrainian economy has fallen off a cliff. People have lost everything all for land that was never occupied by Ukrainians. The EU has transferred 3 billion euros for
budgetary needs, which only pays for government salaries for a brief period. Much of Ukraine’s energy system has been destroyed. There is rising discontent that this war offers nothing for the future of Ukraine and has destroyed the future and savings of the people with no possible economic gain for the next decade.

Zelensky ECM

Zelensky’s personal career is coming to an end. He will eventually be whisked away by the Americans and allowed to live on the beach in the Caribbean.

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As for Ukraine itself, we are approaching a very critical turning point on April 6th, 2023. It is entirely possible that Zelensky might flee if the discontent gets the foothold it is seeking for an impeachment. There is rising discontent that Zelensky has betrayed Ukraine and some are hinting that perhaps it is payback for the Neonazi’s persecution of the Jews and how he married a Christian and baptized his children, all to blend in to hide his Jewish heritage.