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Will the Real President Please Stand Up!

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Biden White House

President Biden on Friday declined to rule out Ukraine having to cede part of its territory to Russia in order to end this standoff with Moscow. Biden claims he won’t tell Ukraine what to do within their own borders but it’s OK to call for the assassination or overthrow of Putin inside Russia. This whole thing makes no sense. I have had personal friends in the Donbas and in Kyiv for more than 10 years. They are both friendly people but if you dared to bring a bottle of Russian Vodka to dinner in Kyiv, it’s an insult. Both sides will NEVER get along.

Ukraine Map

I warned back in 2013, that not only did our computer forecast that Ukraine would be the place when World War III began, but that the country should have been split along language lines. This conflict has been funded by the United States. John McCain, who never saw a country he did not want to invade, was there not just in Maidan cheering the revolution against Yanukovich, but there are plenty of photos of him meeting with the head of the Neo-Nazis and with their troops promising support against Russia to keep the civil war going.


Ukraine MAP2

While it may not be popular because of all the propaganda, the very word “Ukraine” means borderlands. It was not its own country before the USSR. There was yet another country that has vanished from the maps – Galicia, which was the geographic region spanning what is now southeastern Poland and western Ukraine. This is where they were following the Mongol Invasion. It covers much of such historic regions as Red Ruthenia and Lesser Poland. The name was first mentioned in Hungarian historical chronicles in the year 1206 as Galiciæ.

Panticapaeum AU Stater satyr GriffinAs far as Crimea is concerned, it is the oldest civilized place in the entire region. The people were known as Crimeans – hence the modern name Crimea. During the 14th century, this was a post occupied by Genoans (Italian, Genoa). They were invaded from the East and they brought the Black Plague with them. They catapulted the dead bodies into the fort and the Italians fled taking the Black Plague with them to Europe.

Khruschev NiktaThe head of Russia who instigated the Cuban Missile Crisis actually grew up in Ukraine in the Donbas. He was the political head of Ukraine and rebuilt the city after World War II. When he then rose to the head of Russia, he summarily gave Crimea to Ukraine to be administered in 1954. After his death, the Duma overruled that calling it illegal for he also loved to play with borders and caused disputes throughout the empire.

Bandarea Nazi

Ironically, DNA evidence shows there is no difference between Ukrainians and Russian and Putin is not crazy in saying they are their brothers. But Stepan Bandera was not much different from the head of the KKK. He ascribed to the ideas of Hitler and was even a German Nazi. It was his personal hatred that led the Ukrainian Nazis to exterminate ate in ethnic cleansing Jews, Polish, and Russians. He wanted, like Hitler, a pure-blood Ukraine.

McNamara Robert

While Robert McNamara (1916 – 2009), who was a leading Neocon behind the Vietnam war, admitted that they misunderstood the Russians and that Vietnam was a civil war that they really should not have been engaged in, his apology before he died did not bring back more than 50,000 dead Americans.

Ukraine will be another lesson we learn only with blood and guts – it is no different than cheering the hatred of the KKK in a civil war. What if Russia pulled out? What then? Zelensky would order his troops to exterminate all Russian in the Donbas to realize the dream of Bandera? But is Ukraine the actual aggressor trying to expand their newly formed country into former Russian territory simply because that was the border drawn by a Russian, Khrushchev because that is the region he grew up in?