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What If Canada do to Quebec What Zelensky is Doing to Donbas?

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Zelensky Soldier

COMMENT: Imagine Canadians bombing Quebec and outlawing the French language and French-speaking people.

My guess is Quebec will eventually use this opportunity to separate from Canada!
The propaganda is so thick!!
Thanks from the Great White North for being a voice of Reason and Truth!!

Jim M

REPLY: Both of my Ukrainian employees have fled to Berlin. Over 8.2 million refugees have fled Ukraine all across Europe. In addition, an estimated 8 million others had been displaced all because Zelensky refuses to negotiate.  I get emails from the refugees and they blame all of this on Zelensky. They fear they will never return and his dreams of bringing Blackrock are just insane. To rebuild Ukraine will take more than a decade. He has robbed these people of peace all for the Donbas which is occupied by Russians for centuries who he/Lindsey Grahm hates.
He can always wear the same army T-Shirt for his propaganda war and put on a helmet to pretend he is a soldier. At the end of this, history will remember him in the same choir as Hitler and Stalin, and Mao.