US to Hand Patriot Missiles to Ukraine? What Insanity!

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There is little doubt that NATO and the United States want war. I believe this insanity is being driven by the idea that they MUST destroy the Russian economy because it is 50% based on fossil fuels. The people writing the cue cards for Biden are determined to create World War III.  Russia has warned that if the US goes ahead and sends Patriot Missiles to Ukraine, they warned that will lead to ‘unpredictable consequences’ and the US knows this will unleash widespread war.

Ukraine is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. They have killed their own people just to keep trying to create World War III where they want Russia utterly annihilated. I cannot stress this more. I have warned that the hatred in this region will engulf the world as it did when the Serbs assassinated the heir to the throne of Austria in 1914. There is NO solution for peace as long as NATO and the US keep supplying arms to Ukraine and instructing them NEVER to negotiate peace.

NATO is doubling its forces in some countries and uses the propaganda that they need to stop Russia’s “Imperistic” advance. The very FIRST Ukrainian coins are those issued by Nazi Germany. They joined the Nazi movement and supported the ethnic cleansing of Jews, Polish, and Russians. Never before was Ukraine a country and the Donbas has historically been occupied by Russians for centuries. In fact, both Kruschev grew up there as well as Brezhnev. So were they Ukrainian who launched the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 or the Russian?

The very fact that there are NO coins ever issued by Ukraine demonstrates what I have been saying – it was never a country and now we are to engulf the entire world in destruction for the most corrupt country in Europe. There is another agenda here and it is not any more truthful than the Weapons of Mass Destruction that Iraq never had.