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Ukraine the Expendable Vanguard for World War III

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Ukraine_Hryvnia M 6 3 14

The US dollar continues to soar against the Ukrainian Hryvnia despite all the propaganda desperately trying to pretend Ukraine can win and survive. The entire purpose of the Ukraine proxy war against Russia has been to kill as many Russians as possible to further expand the U.S. and NATO’s conventional superiority over Russia. This has been the strategy in play that the West can conquer Russia and divide it up and that Putin will never fire a nuclear weapon. Ukraine has been the vanguard viewed as expendable.

1 WSJ Ukraine Debt

Anyone with Ukrainian debt should sell before it is worthless. It is already in crash mode. This will all be defaulted on in the end.

Ukraine_Hryvnia Y Array 5 17 24

Our computer clearly shows that Ukraine will not survive this as a nation-state. This has not by any means benefited the Ukrainian people. This is why Zelensky suspended any election, for he knew he would be removed from office. Look at the Yearly Array. Ukraine is flat-lining. They are EXPENDABLE no matter what the propaganda of the Western press puts out on command from a central office, just as PRAVDA did for the USSR. This is NOT my personal opinion.

IBEUUS Y FOR 3 29 2017

This was the Forecast Array for the Euro from 2016. Note that 2018 was the reaction high, while 2019 was the lowest yearly closing, and 2020 was the intraday COVID low, with the bounce into 2021, which was a turning point with a Panic Cycle. The Euro reaction high was 1.235 in 2021, and it crashed in 2022, bottoming at 0.941. Note that the volatility would rise in 2024, and 2025 is a turning point, with the next target being 2027.

The West has threatened Russia that just one nuke in Ukraine would unleash all nuclear weapons pointed at Russia. Their rhetoric is unbelievable. They present to the media that they out-finance, out-gun, and out-man Russia in a direct confrontation with NATO. They act that they alone can wipe Russia off the face of the earth without a single shot from Russia. These world leaders no longer represent the people. No one even wants to de-escalate this march toward World War III.

Russia_is_ready_for_nuclear_war_Putin_warns_the_West 6 3 24

Russia has made it clear that it is prepared for a Nuclear War, which the West is constantly crossing every red line Putin has drawn. Based on my sources, Russia has about 1,710 deployed nuclear warheads. These are based on a triad of strategic delivery vehicles roughly consisting of 326 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), 12 ballistic-missile submarines (SSBNs) with 192 submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), and 58 strategic bombers.

Russia has not exchanged official data with the United States about the structure of its strategic nuclear forces since 2023. Those same nongovernmental sources put the United States nuclear forces at around 1,770 deployed nuclear warheads. China has been building and modernizing its nuclear  arsenal at an unprecedented pace. Reasonable estimates place that with a minimum of 500 warheads, it is expected to grow to 1,000 by 2030. The combination of China and Russia clearly outnumbers the USA and Europe.

1 Zircon Hypersonic Missile Launch

That said, the number of warheads is only one measure. Russia has developed both space weapons that can take out the targeting satellites and its advanced hypersonic missiles that most experts say are virtually impossible to shoot down. Back in 2022, Putin made it clear that Russia would start to deploy more hypersonic weapons, noting that the first warship equipped with state-of-the-art Zircon hypersonic missiles was commissioned in 2022.

Hypersonic Missile

The USA is exploring how to defend itself against hypersonic missiles. One theory is the exploration of “boundary layer phenomenology,” which is the idea that disrupting the airflow surrounding a hypersonic projectile may throw it off course. Disrupting the airflow may send it off course, but it will still hit something. The other hope is to deploy lower-flying networked satellites in an effort to establish a continuous targeting track of an approaching hypersonic weapon. This can be seriously compromised by taking out the US targeting satellites.As of now, there is no defense is that a hypersonic projectile that will travel much too fast to track them because it will move from one radar aperture to another, making it virtually impossible to establish a consistent targeting track or lock.

Russia New Test

Then Russia tested a new supersonic version of a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on April 12th, 2024. This is capable of attacking NATO and the USA undetected. The Russian Ministry of Defence only claimed this was part of “state testing of prospective missile systems, as well as confirmation of the stability of missiles in service.” This has caused chatter down the line when the Neocons are pushing for war.


Then there is the BrahMos missile, a two-stage supersonic cruise missile with a range of 290 kilometers that was developed jointly by India and Russia. India has been leaning also more in the direction of Russia rather than the US/British/NATO direction. China has developed supersonic spy drones that have been gathering intelligence on US positions in the Asian arena.

1 2024_06_03_19_07_31_US_tests_hypersonic_missile

The USA has been testing hypersonic missiles as it tries to catch up with Russia, India, and China. However, the USA is well behind Russia in supersonic defense and offense. This is the REAL story behind the propaganda that makes great headlines that the West can turn Russia to ashes before they even launch a single missile.

Ukraine_drone_targets_second_Russian_long_range_military_radar 5 27 24

This Ukrainian Proxy War has introduced drone warfare. This is different altogether. Ukraine targeted with drones Russia’s strategic air defense radar system that has NOTHING to do with Ukraine. It was part of the Russian nuclear defense system, just as the USA has NORAD to detect Russian missiles that would launched at the USA. WHY did Ukraine do this when it had nothing to do with Ukraine? Was this to try to open a window for the USA/NATO to launch a sneak nuclear attack on Russia?

1 _Ukraine Drone ECONOMIST

Ukraine has used new AI software called Eagle Eyes that allows drones to fly without GPS, limiting the impact of Russian jamming. The software allows unmanned drones to travel using sight rather than satellite-based GPS navigation. Additionally, drones fly at low altitudes and slow speeds. The radar systems used by the USA and Russia can be defeated with slow-moving drones that follow a program of the terrane and use AI technology to see, thereby correcting its course if needed. The successful attack using drones to destroy the early warning system of Russia opens yet another attack path. You can create a nuclear-capable drone to defeat all the radar systems, rendering everyone vulnerable.

2 kamikaze_killer_robots

Add to this a kamikaze robot that will kill anything that moves. This Ukraine War is a petri dish for advancing warfare. We are getting closer and closer to the potential for the likes of Terminator.

I have never witnessed such arrogance and stupidity merge. The rest of the world is watching, and they know very well that the West is the greatest threat to world peace – that is what the BRICS countries are all about. They will NOT stand by and watch the West annihilate Russia and then turn on their next target until they have wiped out everyone who has ever disagreed with them. Only a fool can not see that China, North Korea, Iran, and many others will stand by Russia because their enemy, the West, is their enemy as well. While the NEOCONs view a victory as 33% of the USA surviving, our computer does NOT see a victory for the USA and, indeed, Europe.


The European People’s Party (EPP) is leading in the polls for the election on June 6 – 9, and they are the warmongers of Europe. In fact, the head of the EPP has gone as far as to state that the EU must be ready for war without US. They have stated that they stand with Ukraine and are prepared to sacrifice all of Europe for Ukraine.


Nuclear Launch Button R

The West, at the direction of the Neocons, has blown up Nord Stream and launched every possible sanction to destroy Russia financially.

  • The West has tried for more than two years to cripple Moscow’s finances by way of sanctions.

The strategy is to try to intimidate Russia into allowing NATO to destroy them without nuclear war is beyond delusional. The Neocons are a threat to world peace for they have organized all of this and have attacked Trump because he is anti-war. If you have a gun and someone busts into your house unarmed, will you do nothing?