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Ukraine Propaganda

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QUESTION: Regrding Ukraines’ failing economy article, posted on Dec 31st 2023.
Why is it, do you think, that the west wants to weaken Russia so badly? Isn’t the greater threat China?
And also, wasn’t it Russia that started the invasion, so do they not have themselves to blame for the scrambling of war mongering from the west, as well as resistance to the invasion from Ukraine. Should Ukraine just have let Russia take over the whole of Ukraine? And if they shouldn’t have just given up, when is to say when they should lay down their arms? Now? Just because you might think there is no point in going on?
Many questions, thank you for takimg the time to read.
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ANSWER: I think you are crediting the propaganda about Russia and are blind to the manipulations that are underway. The West negotiated in bad faith with the Minsk Agreement to buy time for Ukraine to build an army trained, BTW, by NATO. The Belgrade Agreement was that Ukraine, the 3rd largest nuclear power in the world in 1991, surrendered its nukes, promising that it would remain neutral and neither NATO would advance nor Russia would invade. Zelensky broke both agreements on the order of the Neocons.

2019 Zelensky win Russia Hopeful

When Zelensky was elected, he promised to end the civil war and seek peace with Russia. Even Russia was very hopeful for an end to the civil war, which was instigated by the West, and it was Kiev that first attacked the Donbas under the unelected government installed by the West in 2014 before elections.

Ukraine Map

There was never a country of Ukraine. It was fashioned entirely by Khruschev. The Minsk Agreement was to allow the Donbas, which was Russian for centuries, to vote for their independence.



Putin even sought to explain the importance of the Minsk Agreement to Zelensky to PREVENT war.

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Even the Ukrainian press exposed that Boris Johnson was there to instruct Zelensky that he was NOT allowed to seek peace with Russia. The West has wanted to conquer Russia for centuries. All Ukraine had to do was honor the Minsk Agreement, and the war would have been over in 24 hours. Zelensky has outlawed the Russian language in the Donbas and their religion. They were no longer allowed to be part of the Orthodox Religion under the Patriarch of Moscow. Zelensky has just announced that Christmas will be December 25th, as in the West. What? These people are to change their religion and no longer speak their native young for a regime that never existed pre-1991? Human Rights dictate that they should have the right to vote on their own future. Only Kiev has the right to stage a revolution – not the Russians who have lived in the Donbas for centuries.

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As far as China is concerned, the Biden Administration led by the Neocons has overturned the agreement of One China that has protected Taiwan since 1949. These Neocons are intent on creating war. The criticism of Putin in Russia is the opposite of the propaganda in the West. The hardliners say Putin has been too soft. He did what he said, and he was there only to protect the Donbas. The hardliners argue Russia is not at war with Ukraine but with NATO and the USA. Putin should have gone into Ukraine as the US did to Iraq, and this war would have been over in a few weeks.

So, while you seem to be listening to the propaganda of the West that Russia and China are the aggressors, open your eyes. Nobody wants peace in Europe or the United States administrations, and you are going to witness World War III, for this is the deliberate objective. However, our computer warns that this time, the West will lose. PEACE is attained by free trade, as was the case under the Roman Empire. When everyone benefits, war does not rise. This is why the Democrats are not just trying to take Trump off the ballots, but they are also trying to prevent any Democratic challenger from the primary. This is a dictatorship under the pretense of democracy.

Between 8 and 10 million have now fled Ukraine, with the majority having no intention of returning. Over 500,000 Ukrainians have died in this proxy war for what? Territory? Honor the Minsk Agreement, and nobody would have died.

Sorry, there is another agenda here, and your life and future hang in the balance.