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Ukraine & its Horrible Dark Past is Taking the World Down With It

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COMMENT: Hi Marty,

I. Deep seated hatred
You have written frequently how hate in a country keeps on running deep as result of intense war violence long time ago. And you do not see how this is ever going away.

I was born in the Netherlands Rotterdam area. What the Germans did over here during WWII was similar. My parents being tiny children at the time. I recall messages my grandparents’ generation imprinted on me when i was young, and true, it took me a long time before i opened up to reconnect to the Germans. Today, i love our neighbouring country and its citizens.

Looks like the horrorific acts are not the key driver. As hate kept on being fed by government, economy, it sustains.
I was shocked to see how easy government was able to enflame hate again here from 2020 onwards (and earlier).
Ukraine’s economy was deliberately repressed. Similarly Yugoslavia, Ireland at the time. So hatred sustained.

II. Russians taking down power grid / Elon Musk
The timing of the Russians taking down the power grid is interesting : a few days after Elon took down Starlink.
The Russian Military has been openly complaining about the intelligence support from US.
So Putin being a chess player, immediately moved, replying : “Check”.

I get confused where Elon stands. You said you tried to reach him, but failed. That makes me think.



REPLY: Yes, I would love to contact Elon for he has seen the true face of Ukraine. Anyone who remotely implies that peace should be an option, is told to shut up, threatened, or silenced in any way possible. Zelensky is just a puppet. Nobody in their right mind would sacrifice his country for a strip of land that historically has been occupied by Russians for hundreds of years – never but ethnic Ukrainians who joined Hitler because he promised to give them their own country BECAUSE Ukraine was never a country of its own. They hated the Polish for that region was once Poland. They hated the Russians because Kiev was their birthplace. The hated Jews because they were just Jewish. There are people in Israel that reject Zelensky for his wife is Christian and his children are baptized. He became Jewish when asking for money from Israel.

Objectively, you would have to call this an invasion by Ukrainians for conquest. But that, of course, would not be “politically” acceptable because the United States also hates Russians and that is why the US funded this civil war and directed it to start with during the interim government in 2014 which sent its army to invade the Donbas BEFORE there was any elected government. The people of Donbas have pleaded for help from the West for their oppressions but because they are Russians, the West refuses to listen out its agenda and hatred.

It is important to remember that Ukrainian Nazis have NEVER been called to account for all their genocides against Polish, Jews, and Russians. They pretend that was the UPA, a Ukrainian nationalist organization with the long term plan of establishing a mono-ethnic state that excluded the Poles and was aligned with the Nazis. The Neo-Nazis are dominant in Ukraine and Bandera’s flags and posters were there at Midian in 2014 all over the place. Because they have never been put on trial for their atrocities that even horrified the German Nazis, they have refused to even apologize to anyone. Even Japan apologized for using Korean women as “comfort girls” and the Swiss turned over money that was hidden in accounts for Nazis and Jews. Ukraine’s hatred is ongoing and it is propagated by the government, which is why it never dies.


Stanley Milgram quote

StanleyMilgramThe hatred of the Germans was prevalent. That is why Stanley Milgram conducted his experiments because people were saying that Germans were somehow just different. He established what became obedience to authority. The real issue back then became Russian. My father was a colonel under General Patton from North Africa to Berlin.  Communism was the great threat. He told my father that Germany was not the real enemy, it was Russia and he wanted to keep going right to Moscow. The president removed him for that.

Germany was rehabilitated by the political powers only because they saw Russia and Communism as the real threat. That is why they NEVER put a single Ukrainian on trial. The accounts of their actions terrified even the Germans. The cut babies out of a pregnant woman and put in a live cat and stitched her up. All of these things are documents. Poland has come out and confirmed that Ukraine REFUSES to apologize for its “dark past” and the world is willing to go to nuclear war all for these people?

Then the world deserves to be destroyed. This hatred of Russia will be our own undoing. Never before since World War II have we ever witnessed world leaders promoting war. Every leader has sought peace. Henry Kissinger has been invited by EVERY president until Joe Biden. Zelensky, this high-heel dancing puppet, claims this is not 1938 and Russia will invade all of Europe which is total bullshit. There seems to be hatred that has consuming people for this is really a war for Climate Change – to destroy Russia since 50% of its GDP is fossil fuels.

Zelensky will fly to safety. He has set his own country up to be destroyed begging WWIII to take place there and for NATO to invade. He cares NOTHING about the Ukrainian people. He is too busy counting all his money stashed offshore with his promises of a golden visa to America.