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Ukraine Desperate to Start WWIII ASAP

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Ukraine is desperate. It cannot win on the battlefield, and Victoria Nuland’s sister-in-law, who runs the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), is the source of all the propaganda that keeps painting Russia as weak to get the West to attack it. Ukraine is now using drones and long-range missiles, violating the air space of NATO with no concern, and attacking an oil refinery in Finland. Now, they attacked a refinery in southern Russia. It was the Ukrainians that destroyed Nord Stream. The hardliners in Russia say they are correct and they should have nuked Kyiv.

They are now so desperate they are trying to get Russia to attack NATO air space because Ukraine has free access. Even Jamie Diamond has admitted that Trump was correct about NATO – terminate it.

These people are absolutely desperate to start World War III, and people like Nuland will never go on the front line. She is like the terrorists who send kids to blow themselves up when they would never do that. Sources have confirmed that if war with NATO unfolds, it will turn nuclear. The standard strategy would be to have a sub off the coast of Europe and take out NATO headquarters. Brussels if not also Frankfurt, before anyone could respond. This is the world Nuland and her ISW are trying to create. This woman should be in prison.

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The three timing periods during which there is a risk of Ukraine succeeding in creating World War III as early as 2024 to help the US elections are Jan/Feb 2024, July, and Sept 3/4, 2024. This tends to be highlighted by the timing arrays in gold and the Dow.