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Soros Promoting World War III – Let’s Go!

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The pieces are starting to come together in this grand plot to fulfill George Soros’ dream – One World Government. After Soros’ speech at Davos, there are a lot of people of all faiths flocking to a Catholic Church to light a candle and pray for the rapid death of this cantankerous ‘old codger’ who seems to want to take the world into World War III and perhaps like some Egyptian Pharoh, take as many people with him into the here-after. I wish I could say that Soros is just crazy and this is dementia. But I do not believe that is the case. He has harbored a dream of a One-World Government forever perhaps growing up in communism. I know my clients at the time believed he was also behind trying to end my company after he lost in the 1998 Russia Crash and then in March 1999 he was believed to have lost $1 billion on Japan. I do not know, but we were always clashing head to head.

2022_03_16_10_42_52_Soros_Worries_Putin_Xi_PartnershipSoros’ theme is that “climate change is on the verge of becoming irreversible” but that is pure BS. Any trader just looking at the data knows there is no climate change crisis. This is the big lie that is used for his dream – the UN is in control of the world. Soros is using climate change claiming that we MUST defeat Putin and is all supporting his One-World government with the United Nations at the head. History will remember Soros up there with Marx responsible for the deaths of up to 50% of the world’s population by 2040. He is spinning his propaganda that Putin and Xi must be removed from power and somehow the people will cheer and run into the arms of the United Nations where they can fall at the feet of George Soros and kiss his disgusting toes at this age.

2019 Zelensky WinsEverything that Soros and the World Economic Forum have been doing is nothing but promoting war. Henry Kissinger said that Ukraine should surrender the Donbas to Russia. Indeed, that was the Minsk Agreement. Zelensky has refused to do so and would instead subject his citizens to endless war for territory full of Russian Ukrainians who they hate with a passion and have outlawed their religion and their language.

Zelensky won the election promising to (1) end corruption, and (2) end the civil war. His solution to the corruption was just to take everything for himself. The amount of money he has stashed in offshore accounts is said to be at least $100 million and some report he is approaching $1 billion.


It became widely known that the October 2021 Pandora Papers revealed that Zelenskyy and his chief aide who is now his head of security operated a network of offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus which Russians loved to launder money, and good old Belize. It turned out that Zelensky’s companies included some very expensive London property for his get-a-way perhaps after the rape of Ukraine. 

Ukraine_Crucifies_Man_Burns_Christian_IconsAs for the war, he has refused to surrender the two provinces as the Minsk Agreement stated in 2014. He denies them the right to vote for their own future. The West refuses to acknowledge the vote of Crimea when in fact they are ethnic Russians and are hated by the Ukrainians. I can confirm that from the outset I heard “Crimea is Ukrainian or Crimea will be depopulated.”

2022_05_22_15_01_49_Ukraine_Crucifies_Russian SoldierI have been sent videos captured from Ukrainian soldiers showing the torture they are submitting to Russians. I have refrained from posting them because they are so horrible. There are Russians being nailed to a cross and then set on fire alive screaming. There are two soldiers who volunteered. One from Canada and one from France. Both have returned disguised telling about the war crimes they have watched the Ukrainians carrying out. Nobody wants to even admit that there are Ukrainian neo-Nazis.



Then we have those who defend Zelensky claiming he is Jewish and cannot be a neo-Nazi. He abandoned being Jewish, married a non-Jew, and baptized his children Christian. He is no more Jewish than Soros who admits there is no God – just him. But the Ukrainian Nazis were different. They were wholesale killing Polish and Russians. They were like Hitler but instead of the Arian Race, they killed anyone who was not Ukrainian – hence his hatred of Russians. Since the Ukrainian Nazis hated Russians, the American CIA protected them so not ONE Ukrainian Nazi was ever prosecuted.

Nobody wants to report the truth that Zelensky has even seized religion. The orthodox church no longer acknowledges the Patriarch of Moscow. This is a war of absolute hatred. The sheer level of war crimes unreported is off the charts. This is all being sanctioned to create World War III to ensure that the Russians look at the West with the same hatred that the West looks upon Russians to ensure World War III.



This conspiracy is more than most suspect. It has been Bill Browder who has been advising on confiscating all the assets of private Russia Oligarchs to put pressure on Putin who is not an Oligarch and targeted all the Oligarchs when he came to power. It was Berezovsky and Gusinsky along with his famous “The Seven” who were trying to take control of Russia, Browder’s advice has destroyed the world economy. There are international lawyers calling for the International Court to rule against the United States and its abuse of sanctions that are really for the Great Rest.

Putin was NOT friends with all the Oligarchs. Yeltsin turned to Putin because he was the only independent person. He was not part of the Berezovsky group of The Seven Oligarchs and he was not part of the hardline Communists. Both those groups were against Yeltsin. Putin was selected to go against the Oligarchs. It was 1996 when Berezovsky created the “Davos Pact” of Oligarchs to fund Yeltsin’s campaign. It was also 1996 when Browder and Edmond Safra created Hermitage Capital Management to invest in Russia. Browder appeared with Soros I believe just last week in Berlin. Browder has been protected by the Democrats at every level as well as the Neocons – i.e. John McCain because he was anti-Putin.

Henry Kissinger spoke correctly at Davos and said Zelensky should surrender the Russian regions to Russia. Zelensky is told not to do so otherwise there is no confrontation for World War III. If Zelensky were truly concerned about his own people, then why fight for territory that was always occupied by Russians? It makes no sense except to sacrifice its own people to promote World War III to accomplish this agenda. Zelenski has rejected Kissinger and still puts out the propaganda that there are no Ukrainian Nazis.

The REAL Enemy is not Putin nor Xi. It is the UN and the climate change people who have seized control of governments trained by the WEF and we are facing a globalist agenda where the Neocons are on the wrong side of history.