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Pushing for War – Ukraine About to Fall

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2023_02_21_Putin_Speech 2

For some time, I have reported that Special Forces have been in Ukraine, and Russia knows that. Now, leaked documents have confirmed that reality. Even in Vietnam, there were special forces there well before any official invasion. Ukrainians have used this, claiming that NATO is in Ukraine and hiding in schools using children as cover. Russia has been deploying thermobaric weapons, also known as a vacuum bomb, which is a type of explosive munitions that work by dispersing an aerosol cloud of gas, liquid, or powder, and it is more deadly than a conventional weapon of the same size. It uses the air around it, and this sucks in the oxygen – hence the vacuum bomb. Americans have been killed on the battlefield there, but they are private mercenaries. CNN reported that the dead American was Special Forces.

I have renowned sources, and I have been warning that the figures all along that Ukraine was winning have been nothing but propaganda being pushed by NEOCONS and Victoria Nuland’s sister-in-law, who runs the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which is all about promoting war. They have been putting out the nonsense that Russia is losing and is weak to sell the idea that the West should just walk in and destroy Russia, and the Russian people will cheer for saving them from Putin.

I could say the same that the Americans would cheer if the Russians came to save us from the warmongering Democrats and RINOs to take out Washington and save us from Climate Change/Wokeness. Americans would not cheer, and neither would Russians. We both still have our own countries, irrespective of the leader in power. Both are just absurd statements.

Putin is popular despite the BS from the ISW because he was NOT a Communist, and he was NOT an oligarch. To the Russian people – he was their savior from a corrupt government despite the nonsense that others put out because their assets were seized for illegal trading in Russia. Nobody wanted the opposition to Putin, for they were representing the old world of the USSR that nobody wanted to return to.

Khruschev Nikta

Like the Institute for the Study (promotion of) War (ISW), NATO is also an organization that only promotes war; when communism fell in 1991, NATO should have been disbanded or drastically reduced. Instead, it moved eastward, showing it was never about communism. The entire threat was supposed to have been COMMUNISM – not the Russian people as a race. NATO needs to keep the threat of war alive, or they will lose their jobs.

The NEOCON movement really got started because the Communists’ mantra was to spread their economic religion, Marxism, to the world. Marxism so indoctrinated them that they thought this was the way of the future and that it would eliminate the business cycle. It also just happened to hand absolute power to the government. Keynes also tried to eliminate the business cycle. This dream of perpetual economic growth and endless deficit spending without ever paying a price down the road has been popular for it hands politicians complete power to regulate everything.


NY Times Duranty 1931


The New York Times was cheering Stalinism and stressed that this was the solution to the Great Depression. They were promoting Communism as most of the media back them, and they were putting out pure propaganda. It took the New York Times until 1990 to admit that their reporting covered up the truth about Stalin and the massive starvation in an effort, like Schwab, once again, to sell “equality” as our salvation. The New York Times covered up more than 7 million people who died of starvation in the Ukraine famine because it exposed that Communism had failed. The New York Times wrote that their reporting on the Russian Revolution constituted “some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper.” They never revoked their jouranlist’s Pulitzer Prize for writing fake news about Stalin.



I strongly recommend you watch the movie “Mr. Jones.” This exposes the TRUE STORY of how the New York Times tried to support Communism in the United States back then, with their top journalist, Walter Duranty (1884-1957), who was their main man in Moscow—the New York Times promoted him to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on how Communism was Utopia and our future. When Gareth Jones (1905-1935) reported in March 1933 that this was all a lie, the truth finally began to appear.



This is what we face ONCE AGAIN with mainstream media promoting World War III. They NEVER seem to give 2 cents for the people. This is always about their perceived agenda, as they did with COVID. We need a revolution in mainstream media, which has fallen so far that the vast majority no longer trust anything they report, and this is worldwide.



I reported from my sources that 100,000 Ukrainians had been killed in the first few months of 2022. I got the typical hate mail that claimed I was putting out Russian propaganda. My sources were from Ukraine – not Russia. Then Ursula delivered a speech and said 100,000 had already died. Zelinsky had her take that out of her speech, claiming that it was CLASSIFIED information.



Trust me, if Zelensky is assassinated, it will be by Ukrainians who have figured out this guy is a puppet and is destroying his own country with a deal to be whisked off to a villa in Miami when the last Ukrainian falls. He is a comedian in high heels with ZERO expertise in military matters. He has suspended all elections because he would never win an election there after what he has done to Ukraine.

Zelenskyy Johnson

Only after more than 500,000 Ukraians are now dead have the press there begun to publish the truth. Borris Johnson flew urgently to Ukraine to ensure that Zelensky would reject any peace deal because the West was using Ukraine to try to weaken Russia so NATO could then move in for the kill. NOBODY ever expected Ukraine to defeat Russia, which had troops that were 10x that of Ukraine, without drafting people. The West has used the Ukrainian people for their objectives. Zelensky was never allowed to negotiate for peace. He was to destroy his own country for a villa in Miami.

ECM Ukraine 8.6 R

We are now approaching that point where Ukraine is on the verge of losing everything. The first cyclical turning point of importance will be April 19/20, 2024. Zelensky has betrayed his own people, and some are starting to wonder if it is not payback for their hatred of Jews.

Kaganovich Lazar 1893–1991

It was Lazar Kaganovich (1893-1991) was Stalin’s right-hand man, who proposed and carried out the taking of food from Ukraine that left 7 million dead. The Ukrainians were wrong to blame Russians when Kaganovich was Ukrainian. Behind the facade of propaganda about Russia taking the food, Kaganovich was Jewish and many scholars quietly think he proposed that to also punish the Ukrainians for joining Hitler and exterminating Jews.


Only after becoming president did Zelensky claim publicly to be Jewish, who converted to Christianity, and his children were baptized Christian. Here, he is in an act joking about how they used to confiscate the wealth of Jews and Russians. Some wonder if he is not the 21st Century version of Kaganovich. TRUST ME – If Zelensky is assassinated, it will not be because of Putin. Many people now see him as a traitor to their own people. Even the Neonazis are starting to see he is another Kaganovich.


Ukraine_Hryvnia W Array 3 20 24


We are rapidly approaching the point where Ukraine may collapse. This is why Macrone came out and talked about sending in NATO Troops. We are approaching the day when the last Ukrainian is about to fall.

3 14 24 Polish Ambassador will be forced to enter war if Ukraine failsEU Wants War

Europe wants war at all costs BECAUSE the financial system is collapsing. They never consolidated their debts, as I warned them that the Euro could not survive long-term without a single national debt. All they accomplished was to transfer the currency risk to the bond markets.



NATO F16s 2024

Meanwhile, NATO has changed the terms that the US would approve F16s only to defend Ukraine. NATO says they have permission to fly into Russia to attack anything inside Russia. There is NO HOPE to avoid war without a wholesale change in leadership among ALL Western governments because they now NEED war. There are plenty of people who are just brainwashed and think what the world needs is to destroy Putin. The sanctions did not work, and our computer warned the West that it would lose. This is total insanity.

Biden Secon Term

Others are silently cheering war in hopes of reducing the population, all to reduce CO2.

They just hope they got enough when they emerge from their bunkers.

Nobody seems to think about the future or WHAT IF they are wrong.