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Everyone Knows – Ukraine Blew Up the Dam

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Ukraine is so dishonest a government and it is always seeking unlimited money from the West, we really need to overthrow all Western leaders who support Ukraine. There are so many who KNOW that Ukraine blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam because it would cut off the water supply for Crimea. Just like Nord Stream, when that was blown up, they claimed Russia did it, when in fact all Russia had to do was turn off the valve.

Every single source I have said the same thing – UKRAINE did it! There is nobody in that government that will EVER tell the truth. Now Turkey is proposing an international investigation into the action. Of course, Ukraine rejects any investigation into anything including where the money is going or the fact that American weapons are all over the place in the black market.

All my sources have said from inside Ukraine that the Ukrainian losses have exceeded 200,000 troops. Biden finally admits that Ukrainian forces have suffered “significant” casualties as they battle to break through Russia’s defensive lines.

Ukraine MAP2

Ukraine has launched a land grab and pretending that the Donbas should be theirs when they hate Russians, and outlaw their language and their religion, is just shocking. Everything East of the Dnieper River was the old Russian Empire of the Tzars. That is why there are Russians living there for centuries. This would be like Mexico invading Texas and ordering everyone to speak only Spanish. The border was simply drawn by Khruschev for administrative purposes during the Soviet Union. It was NEVER Ukrainian people in that region. They never had their own country.

This entire nonsense is a proxy war against Russia and the Russian people. This will only end in World War III and as I have said, ALL of the neighbors of Ukraine do not trust Ukrainians who have always been a ethnic group of pure-blood elitists.

The West is using this as a cover because the monetary system is collapsing. They borrow year after year and have ZERO intention of ever paying off the debt. They are deliberately creating WWIII so they can all default, and shift to this one-world digital currency by the IMF which was announced on the precise day of the Economic Confidence Model confirming that is a major agenda.