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Europe will be Destroyed over Ukraine

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1 29 23 Germany_warns of bidding war for jets

While Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been pushing back against demands of Ukraine for fighter jets now after the tanks, there have been those in Germany eager to support Ukraine to destroy Russia. They have filled their heads with such propaganda that Russia will conquer all of Europe if it is not completely destroyed NOW. They are placing not just the lives of European citizens at risk but the entire future of Europe as a whole. I know Ukraine very well and the Neonazis there will never stop. Russia must protect the Donbas for they would actually slaughter every ethnic Russian living there. The Nazis have won. The West has now supported their cause.

May 2 2014 Odessa Trade Unions House


The 2014 Massacre of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Odesa has been ignored by the West, but this is what awaits the Donbas if Putin leaves. The West just wants to destroy Russia once and for all. Human rights no longer mean anything and the Minsk Agreement was a deliberate farse only to buy time to wage war against Russia. Neither Russia nor China will forget that it has been all because of the deceit of the West.

The Ukrainians want only pure-blood Ukrainians and they killed ethnic Russians living in Odesa grabbing them on the streets, beating them, and killing them all to the silence of the Western press. That was the turning point. It revealed that the Donbas had to separate for the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis wanted to exterminate them. I was told in 2014 that Crimea will be Ukrainian or it will be depopulated – by Ukrainians!

Indepentent Neo Nazis

That began the civil war, which was instigated by the interim government installed by the West that was NEVER elected by the Ukrainian people. Because the CIA protected the Ukrainian Nazis who were never prosecuted for killing Jews, Polish, and Hungarians simply because they also killed Russians, we are now on the same side that Hilter was once on and we turn a blind eye to their atrocities.

The West started this civil war because the West wants to destroy Russia – plain and simple. The Ukrainian Neonazis set fire to the building in Odesa and burned all the Russian-speaking Ukrainians alive. For the first time in history, an organized massacre of civilians was carried out and even filmed by numerous people and the West said nothing. This has been documented in extraordinary detail and the Ukrainian Neonazis did not even fear any negative consequences in world opinion, because the West is in their corner, and as Merkel admitted, the whole Minsk Agreement was to fool Putin and make the Russians in the Donbas think the West cared about their human rights when it never did.

2019 Zelensky Wins

Zelensky is an actor and he is playing the role given to him by the West to start World War III. Everything he does is to expand the war and to suck in NATO and the United States to create this war. He is succeeding. I can object all I want, but our computer will be right and we are looking at World War III between 2025 and 2027. So batten down the hatches.

Capital Flow Map 1 30 23

Our computer, which tracks the global capital flows thanks to the cooperation with raw data, we can see that the money is still migrating out of Europe. Russians and the Chinese are pulling money out of Europe as well. So far, it is still underpinning the US marketplace.