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EU Urged to Return Military-Aged Ukrainians Back For War

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NATO 7 2023 Zelensky

Behind the curtain, Zelensky has been quietly asking EU countries to send bank men of military age who have fled Ukraine. Poland seems to be considering sending military-aged men back to Ukraine to die in this absurd war. Zelensky refuses to negotiate peace and has no problem sending Ukrainians to their death. All of this for what? The Minsk Agreement was to allow the Donbas to vote on their independence. They are Russians – not Ukrainians, and the Kyviv government hates them. So, what are they fighting for? To commit genocide if they defeat Russia and then wipe out all Russian civilians? They had their freedom, and with now nearly 10 million people fleeing Ukraine, Zelensky has assumed dictatorial powers, suspending any election. Zelensky is always dressed like the janitor to pretend he is at war with Russia, so keep sending him the money that never makes it to the people.