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Can Trump End the Ukraine War in 24 hrs?

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This war could be ended in 24 hours.

(1) stop all money going to Ukraine,

(2) threaten to freeze all their assets,

(3) threaten to remove Ukraine from SWIFT,

(4) Order Ukraine to honor the Minsk Agreement.

To Russia:

(1) Lift all sanctions

(2) No NATO training or weapons for Ukraine

(3) Ukraine will not be part of NATO

(4) Agree to pay for the damage to Nord Stream

Zelensky Money Hungry

Ukraine is an untrustworthy government. Their end goal has ALWAYS been to destroy Russia. They were the first state to pull out of Russia and pitched the destruction of the Soviet Union to other member states. Ukraine was NEVER its own country. It became a country and achieved its sovereignty but that was never good enough. They had to start the civil war against the Donbas. If you want this war to continue, then grab a gun and go fight for this most corrupt head of state probably in the entire world.

Ukraine Special Operations 4 16 14

The facts are clear. Ukraine launched what it called Special Operations and began the civil war attacking the Russian civilians in the Donbas calling them terrorists because they wanted separation from Ukraine which has outlawed their language and even outlawed their religion ordering all churches to be subservient to their propped-up Patriarch – not the traditional one in Moscow. This is sort of the French seizing the Vatican and moving it to Avignon. This was their response to the Minsk Agreement where Ukraine was to separate and adopt a change to their Constitution. Ukraine has discriminated against anyone who is not Ukrainian and that included Hungarian and Polish living in Ukraine. That has been their legacy from Nazi Germany.

May 2 2014 Odessa Trade Unions House

The Ukrainians are fighting for the territory that was never theirs. They want Russia out, along with all other minorities they hate and do not trust. Make no mistake about it, if Russia loses, the Ukrainians will massacre all Russians in the Donbas territory. The West ignores the fact that the Ukrainians carried out a massacre of ethnic Russians who lived in Odessa as soon as their 2014 Revolution and that is what started this entire civil war that the Western Press will not address.

The 2014 Massacre of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Odessa where they killed them grabbing them on the streets was a Neo-Nazi event. That was the turning point. It revealed that the Donbas had to separate for the Neo-Nazis wanted their death, not their submission. That began the civil war. They set fire to the building and burned all the Russian-speaking Ukrainians alive. For the first time in history, an organized massacre of civilians was carried out and even filmed by numerous people. This has been documented in extraordinary detail and the Neo-Nazis did not even fear of any negative consequences in world opinion.



If we do NOT abandon Ukraine and force them to live peacefully, they will engulf the entire world. They will use the F16s and attack the Russian Fleet and be prepared to send your children or yourself to go fight for the liar and greedy corrupt politician – Zelensky. We should die for this corruption? Honor the Minsk Agreement and it is over in 24 hours.


Oh yes. Throw in a pair of diamond-studded high heels. That may clinch the deal.