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Spain & Climate Change Agenda Merged with Virus Agenda

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Spain Map

COMMENT: Hi Marty,

Hope you’re well.

Still in lockdown… there are now strict time slots when people (based on age, etc) can leave home (unless they’re going to work or to do grocery shopping), A few regions (the islands, basically) have relaxed the rules more, but not the large cities and more populated provinces. At any rate, from tomorrow there will be an obligation to wear a mask everywhere (except at home), even on the street (!)… and since there’s no way I’m gonna wear a mask I guess I’ll just have to stay home – or get fined by a regime goon in uniform.

The govt has now unveiled a new climate law they are planning on passing soon. Couldn’t make this shit up… a total ban on all hydrocarbon mining and projects; a minimum of 70% of all electricity must come from renewables by 2030 (and 100% by 2050) – nuclear not allowed either; cars must be zero-emission (so only electric cars will be allowed) by 2040; everyone must consume vastly less energy/electricity (at least 35% less) by 2030; from 2023 all cities (over 50,000 inhabitants) will have to have “low emission zones” i.e. zones free of cars (people are to use public transport or bicycles), etc etc.

They say this is necessary to fight “global warming” [they still call it global warming here; guess they missed the memo that it’s now “climate change”] and that this is a great way to get an economic recovery and create millions of jobs over the next few years. LOLOLOL.

For a brief English summary of this insanity (The English article only mentions some of the measures.)

Take care.
P (from Spain)

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REPLY: Europe will use this virus as the excuse to usher in the Green Peace agenda. It is looking more and more that this is why Greta was invited to the World Economic Forum to use a 16-year old expert in everything to sell this Climate Change Agenda. I have stated that I had INSIDE INFORMATION that they were selling everything because a “virus” was coming, weeks before people ever heard of this coronavirus. They sold stocks and bonds and moved to cash. This is why I warned in January that this was a FAKE manipulation that was taking place.

We are dealing with real elitists who regard the rest of us as stupid toys to play with — the great UNWASHED! They push their agenda to alter the entire world economy NOW without any regard for the consequences to the people. They have no regard for all the jobs they are destroying and if people cannot find employment, we are back to “let them eat” the crust in the pan when they are finished eating in luxury. This is the very same elitist attitude that inspired the French Revolution.

Euro Cure Negative Rate

Even the European Central Bank has switched and made Climate Change its “top” priority. This is not part of what a central bank is supposed to do. This agenda is because they adopted negative interest rates in 2014 that they now cannot escape. They MUST change the topic and then try to sell “Green Bonds” at higher rates because they can no longer raise rates without blowing up the budgets of the EU. Additionally, they have been trying to sell Eurobonds. They cannot escape the disaster they have created so they are now moving to Climate Change to try to relaunch the economy they have destroyed because negative interest rates were a poison pill — not the cure.


Their models on Climate Change are as accurate as they were from the Imperial College used by Neil Ferguson — a complete fraud! They are linear based and disregard that weather NEVER operates in a linear pattern as it is cyclical. The entire Chaos Theory emerged from Lorenz who was running weather data through the computer and stumbled upon the hidden order behind what appeared to be chaos.

Co2 Chart 800000 years

This is the chart they use to claim the world will become extinct in 5 years to justify destroying Western Society in one fell swoop. It has been taken from the book that began this nonsense. But the chart in that book also showed, with a questionable theoretical computer model to “guess” what CO2 would have been historical, that we were at a historical low in CO2 and an uptick is NOT the end of the world as these people suggest.

Wards Chart CO2 240x300

DustBowl 2What made the Great Depression so GREAT was the Dust Bowl. That wiped out the agricultural industry that employed 40% of the workforce. Today, these people have created the same economic devastation but far worse.

The industry they are wiping out is the SERVICE industry which currently employs just under 80% of the economy. They understand NOTHING about the economy and could care less about the people. There are too many of us anyhow! It is all about them and their STUPID fake models that are never recognizing cyclical analysis.

This will lead to massive civil unrest and war. They have set in motion the culmination of this trend Socrates has been projecting into 2032. We are hearing from Germany and other states that people should NOT travel for vacation. That will wipe out Southern Europe which counts on tourism in the summer. There goes Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. This Climate Change agenda is beyond comprehension.