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Rajoy Shuts Down Airspace & Orders Google to Stop Assisting Separatists

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Rajoy Mariano

The Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy is becoming a disgrace to the image of a free society and is illustrating what governments do in a Private Wave – they become authoritarian whenever they lose power. Canada and Britain allow separatist votes. Why does Rajoy feel he has a right to kill people who want a separatist vote? Rajoy has gone way too far showing the world that Spain is itself a country risk for there is no human right or standard of international law. The Catalan supporters are now occupying poll points to protect their right to vote, while Rajoy has now blocked airspace over Barcelona as he wants to prevent the referendum in Catalonia by all means.

Rajoy had his puppet Spanish Supreme Court order that Google had to delete an app that had been used by the operators of the referendum to communicate with each other. The corrupt Spanish court ruled that the “On Votar 1-Oct” application on the Google Play smartphone app shop violated the ban imposed by Spain to conduct the referendum. Rajoy is totally out of control and is illustrating everything that is wrong about the EU and how it claims to stand for human right with the refugees but crushes anyone Europe who disagrees with the politic elite.

The Spanish Supreme Court pretends that the constitution does not allow for separation. So if the constitution also said you had to kill you first born in Biblical tradition, would that also be constitutional simply because it is written there? No constitution can mandate that the people are not allow the change the constitution. Even in the USA, there are constitutional amendments. Income tax was forbidden, but the majority agreed with Karl Marx and then amended the constitution in 1913. They were horrified at the Russian revolution following Marx 4 years later, but it was too late. Human rights suddenly did not include the right to be treated the same simply because you possessed more than your neighbor.

The vote will take place in a total of 2,155 polling stations. The government has shut down airspace to prevent others from flying into Barcelona to join the protests.

The Rajoy’s judiciary has also initiated investigations against more than 700 Catalan mayors, who support the independence referendum. The Regional Parliament had passed a bill in Barcelona in early September, which freed the way for the popular decision. The government in Barcelona had originally declared that if the independence won a majority, they would decline independence in 48 hours.

Canada allowed Quebec to vote of separatism TWICE. Even Britain allowed Scotland to vote on separation from the UK. Spain is showing the world that it is still a fascist state true to heart – not a democratic state. This raises serious concerns about foreign investment into Spain. If the government changes its position, you will find that country risk overpowers investment opportunity. BEWARE!

This is an extremely important event for the whole world. This is revealing the TRUE nature of the EU, and we must understand, this political infection is spreading like a disease worldwide. This is what happens in a Private Wave when government loses power – they become more authoritarian.