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Brazil Election Fraud

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The riots in Brazil over the rigging of the election are on point. You cannot allow a razor-thin pretend majority to completely go against the opposite and inflict a leftist agenda. This is the abuse of our election process of a worldwide basis. Governments no long represent ALL the people, but one group violently against another. This same process is undermining both the United States, Canada as well as Europe. This leftist agenda is destroying our civilization and this is right on schedule – 34 years from the collapse of communism. It is now our turn for this abuse of government to divide the people and the nation and ONLY will lead to civil war.


Bolsonaro 2019 WEC & Why He Had to be Removed as President

Bolsonaro was targeted by the WEF and their consortium. The Brazilian elections were rigged. They had to remove Bolsonaro at all costs and now we will witness the price for those corrupt elections. The violence is likely to escalate into March.