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Argentina – The Continued Shift to Private Assets

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Mervel M 1 25 2018


COMMENT: Greetings from Argentina.

Merval Argentina indexed doubled since new president Macri started in Dic 2015. Any comments about Latin America – South Cone?

You never mention this part of the globe.

Thank you I am a long time reader.


Mervel M Array 1 25 2018

REPLY: The Merval is covered on Socrates. Nevertheless, if this market breaks through the January high, then it should run up sharply into March


Argentina Peso M 1 25 2018


Keep in mind that this is in part currency inflation. It rises in proportion to the decline in the currency value as a hedge basis its international value.

Additionally, the entire world is gearing up for the monetary crisis cycle. This means we are witnessing the prolog and that is the shift from public to private assets on a global scale.