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West’s Russian Propaganda Changing History?

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1945 Croncology of War

COMMENT: Thank you for your neutrality. I would point out that the West has rewritten history as if Russia had no role in defeating Hitler. Russia occupied Berlin for two months before the Americans and British arrived. They act as if Russia was never there.

Thank you once again


ANSWER: You are correct. The Americans and British troops did not enter Berlin until the 4th of July and Russia had already taken Berlin and did occupy the city for two months before the West arrived. Russians entered Berlin on April 21st, 1945. However, the friendship between Russia and the United States goes back centuries before the American Neocons tried to rewrite history.

Father Martin Armstrong ARMY North Afria

My father was with the Seventh Army which was created during World War II under General George S. Patton. My father served with General Patton, so I am very familiar with the events that really took place. My father was with Patton from North Africa into Germany where they captured Nuremberg and then Munich.


1863_Russian_Ships_Help_Secure_Union_Harbors in US Civil War

The United States supported Russia during the 1863 Crimean War. Some 30 American surgeons volunteered to serve in the Russian military. However, Russia sent its warships to protect New York City and San Francisco in 1863 against the British and French, who considered the American Civil War an opportunity to conquer the United States, perhaps. There is a lot of history between the United States and Russia during the 19th century, which was always our ally.

916 ECM 1856 1865

In fact, Abraham Lincoln drew his Emancipation Proclamation taking the actions of Tsar Alexander II (b: 1818; 1855–1881), who issued his own Emancipation Manifesto on March 3rd, 1861, emancipating 23 million Russian serfs. American abolitionists cheered his action and pushed for Lincoln to do the same, which he finally did on January 1st, 1863. Russians were actually shocked when the American states descended into armed conflict over the issue.

So, while Russia took Berlin, and many would know that if they just Googled the truth, most fail to know that it was Russia who came to the aid of the United States during the American Civil War and that there was close communication back then.

Unfortunately, these Neocons do not represent the feelings of the average American, who spins nothing but hatred. Why? Who knows. Perhaps their mothers, if they had one and were now grown in a pod, dropped them on their heads when they were very young. Instead of being a serial killer on the street, they aimed for the big guns and created endless wars to satisfy their insatiable hatred for others by taking over governments.