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The Simple Solution to Ukraine

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Biden Explain Ukraine

COMMENT: You are wrong. Putin is the aggressor.


REPLY: Look, the Minsk Agreement has dragged on for 8 years. You cannot simply blame Putin. Ukraine has refused to allow the people to vote on their own future. That is a denial of any democratic process and a denial of freedom. So now the propaganda that Putin is invading to deny freedom or democracy. It takes TWO to reach an agreement – not ONE!

The solution has been staring the world in the face. Let the people vote and decide their own fate. That would remove any excuse Putin would have to protect Russians if they voted to be Ukrainians. I was with a Ukrainian friend in Greece and they refused to even take a flight home that connected through Moscow. The resentment runs very deep and it is certainly justified thanks to Stalin.


Let me make this very clear. Zelensky is by no means doing this alone. The West desperately needs a diversion from COVID because politicians will never admit a mistake. But Zelensky is a fool. The West is willing to sacrifice even all of Ukraine if it then secures all the elections here in 2022 for those facing the public after COVID. The typical sales pitch will be you need them because now Putin is the threat, and you do not change horses in the middle of a river.

Simple Solution

Let the people vote and abide by their vote. That would remove ANY excuse to invade Ukraine. If Putin then invades, then you can call him the aggressor. The solution is simple. It is staring out us straight in the eye. Territorial borders are a throwback to imperialism. These regions are ethnically Russian. But politicians need war. They will lie and twist facts to create the justification for war. Ukraine is not a one-sided affair. It takes two to tango as they say.