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The Rising Risk of Nuclear War in 2023

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Ukraine Battle

QUESTION: What do you think about Russia’s setbacks?


ANSWER: All of this is a gamble with the hope that Russia will simply crumble to dust and the West will conquer Russia once and for all. Right now, sources in Russia say that the criticism is attacking the military leadership that they have been just too arrogant and underestimated Ukraine, and the fact that this is really a proxy war. My fear is that there are still a lot of hardliners there who look back upon the days of the USSR fondly.

China would be a fool as would North Korea if they stood by and allowed Russia to crumble to its knees. They cannot be that stupid not realizing that they will be next. The Computer projects 2023 as the year of political hell. January is a key period as will be April 2023. I would not start counting the laurels for Ukraine just yet. This is not over and the worst is yet to come. The threat of nuclear war rises in 2023.

With the Western Press cheering the fall of Russia, they are only contributing to the prospect of a major escalation and the use of nukes. The US has been buying medicine for radiation poisoning. They know what they are doing and could care less how many civilians are wiped out. Their view – the population needs to be reduced anyhow.