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The Never-Ending Cold War

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NATO North Atlantic Terror Organization

QUESTION: Do you believe Putin has no interest in starting World War III? Was he telling the truth when he said, “It is absolutely out of the question? You just don’t have to be an analyst. It goes against common sense to get involved in some kind of a global war, and a global war will bring all humanity to the brink of destruction. It’s obvious.”


Khruschev Nikta

ANSWER: Look, this is all propaganda from the Neocons, especially Victoria Nuland and her sister-in-law running the Institute for the Study of War. When Khrushchev ran the Soviet Union, his comment that we will bury you was more of a religious cult where they really believed that Communism was the way to the future. The Neocons got all riled up over that and took the opposite position that they would spread democracy to the world. That became the Cold War. The problem is Communism fell, and their ideology switched from anti-communism to racism – anti-Russian.


Remember McCarthyism? He created such a communist scare in the United States he was turning everyone against one another. He accused Democrats of being Communists and the American Civil Liberties Union of being a communist organization. McCarthy was manufacturing evidence to haul in people for interrogation. McCarthy’s methods were finally exposed in the television documentary  See It Now, hosted by journalist Edward R. Murrow, broadcast on March 9, 1954.

Nixon Kruschev


Those were different days when North Korea tried to invade the South. Vietnam, we assumed, was all really about communists. The Neocon McNamara apologized before he died that we sent 50,000 Americans to their death for what he said was really just a civil war, and we should learn from those mistakes. We have not.



The days of empire-building are gone. Russia has NO INTENTION of returning to communism. The people would overthrow the government if they tried. The Russian people have their freedom and are not interested in returning to communism. They cannot. They all now own where they once lived and have credit cards and mortgages. This is NATO propaganda to remain relevant in a world where Russia is no longer some communist in a quest to spread its philosophy to the world.

Once you hand Power to any Organization

They will never return it willingly

and do anything to retain it

It has been the Neocons who are deliberately trying to provoke World War III. They have spent their entire lives consumed with hatred. We were on the verge of World Peace, just like the Romans. When everyone realized they benefited from being part of the Roman Empire for the common market and could sell their goods throughout the Empire, the people would not support rebellion as long as they were profiting from being part of Rome. When China and Russia benefited from integrating into the world economy, their people would never allow their governments to wage war. Remove that economic benefit, and then naturally, the people will rise and demand retribution against those who have stolen their livelihood.



The Neocons think putting sanctions on Russia would cause the people to overthrow Putin; they are dead wrong. They will only inspire hatred of the West. They are not stupid. They know the cause of their economic problems – the hatred of the Neocons.