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Russian Coup & Civil War

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COMMENT: Marty, Socrates has simply outdone itself. You warned that Putin could face a coup by May/June 2023. That was a year ago. Nobody can beat Socrates, as you said at the WEC, not even you. Your gift to humanity is why they hate you so much.

Take care, my friend. We really do need you now.


REPLY: Yes, I know. This gives me no joy to pound my chest. We live not just in interesting times, but treacherous times as well. Everywhere I look, I see the same patterns of Rome reemerging over and over again. There will come a time that even the US Military will split and some will realize that the enemy is really within.

Putin’s speech is historic for he mentions “treason” and “mutiny” twice, but notice that he now explains that Russia is “fighting hard for its future”, implying that indeed it is at war with the United States and NATO that wants to see every Russian annihilated from the face of the Earth. I suppose it is no longer WOKE to go after people of race or gender confusion, so they have turned their sheer hatred against the Russian people which is still the same rooted hatred in bigotry.

Putin has also labeled the immediate events as an “internal mutiny” and a “stab in the back”, mentioning “Wagner” and said he is “doing anything I can to repel this attack.” This is the coup where Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Wagner, is leading this coup just as Roman generals did during the 3rd century. Prigozhin has said that Putin made the ‘wrong choice’ and soon Russia will have a ‘new president’ which is clearly a coup.

I have confirmed reports from multiple sources that Wagner’s forces and perhaps others who have defected are heading to Moscow. Additional reports are coming in that the Russian airforce is now attacking Wagner’s forces. Members of Wagner are now saying that the trigger for a CIVIL WAR was pulled by Putin. There does appear to be a major coup attempt that is emerging into civil war.

ECM Russia 1991 Pi from 12 25 91

If we use the ECM from the day the Soviet Union flag was replaced with the Russian flag on December 25th, 1991, we reach the critical Pi Target on May 26th, 2023. Historically, that is where the worse part of the chaos begins to unfold going into the peak which in this case will be 2039. All the propaganda and demonizing of Putin to justify war is coming back in the face of those spouting this nonsense. This is a civil war unfolding as I have been warning. Their view is not that Putin is this demon, but he has been too “soft” and the military views that this war would have been over in 6 weeks had Russia attacked Ukraine as the US did to Iraq instead of just defending the Donbas. Replace Putin and we get World War III.


Lindsey Graham does not support the Constitution of the United States. When it came to the alleged terrorists, he wanted to deny them a lawyer. If an American was taken prisoner by a foreign enemy and denied human rights, he would be the first to champion an invasion. I lost all respect for Graham when he refused to comply with international law.



Here is Graham cheering that it’s the best money the US has ever spent to kill Russians. If it were Americans in the Donbas, the US would also be there to defend them in a civil war had it been instigated by Russia. This is a sick individual who takes pleasure in killing Russians. This is how Americans are being viewed because we elect such people. From overseas, the opinions of Americans are becoming one of the sheer warmongers who will sacrifice all of Europe to kill Russians. Macron of France is urging Europe to distance itself from the United States thanks to people like Graham.


Now we have Graham desperate to start World War III. He simply hates the Russian people. They are no longer Communists trying to spread Marxism. Putin never made on step to try to reconquer Eastern Europe. The Russian people do not want such a war. Nevertheless, all we have heard from Graham is more and more war.



From the outset, Graham has done nothing but preach war on Capital Hill. The Ukrainians do not live in the Donbas. They are NOT fighting for their freedom – that is all such BS. They are seeking to kill Russians and outlaw their religion and language. This is a territorial action – not for freedom, democracy, or justice.



Graham is perfectly willing to sacrifice every Ukrainian as long as they take a Russian with them. Over 8 million have fled to other countries. 3 million have fled back to Russia.



Graham and McCain met with the Ukrainian Nazis and cheered them on to go kill Russians. The problem Graham has is that statistically, even up to 10x the number of civilians are killed compared to soldiers.

Louis XIV War

Neocons have been around for centuries. They may lament when it is time to die, but that will mean nothing. They obviously do not believe in God or any last judgment or they would not do what they do.

To our Russian Readers

Graham does NOT represent the average American any more than his painting Russians are all Evil is true about the Russian people. Putin is correct. You are indeed fighting for the very survival of Russia as a sovereign state. Many sought to conquer Russia from Hitler and Napoleon while Stalin rejected Lenin’s idea and demanded authoritarian rule. Many have sought to invade Russia all for the wealth of your nation. Graham will probably be remembered for his hatred when the history books are written on this period into 2032. WHY SOME JUST ALWAYS WANT WAR IS ONE OF THE DARK SPECTS I SUPPOSE OF HUMANITY REGARDLESS OF THEIR NATIONALITY.