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Putin & Ukrainian Propaganda

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Putin 5

The rumors keep flying that Putin has cancer and has a maximum of three years to live. The stories are claiming he is ‘losing his eyesight’ but all of this is unconfirmed coming from reports in recent weeks that have suggested the 69-year-old president’s health has been deteriorating quickly. Much of this propaganda from Ukraine has been talking about a coup and all sorts of stuff. They are desperate to portray Putin will be overthrown as if this will stop the war – no way!

2024 Rotate

Our model does not show that Putin will run again in 2024. That year will be monumental for the US presidential election is then as well and even Zelensky, the WEF’s puppet, will stand for election. Why people are putting out this propaganda that somehow if Putin dies, Russia can be vanquished is total nonsense. The second tier behind Putin are far more nationalistic and will definitely use nuclear weapons whereas Putin is at least far more rational.

Ukraine Map


Putin did NOT invade Ukraine to conquer it.  Even when the US attacked Iraq, the first thing you do is take out the power, communications, and then the water supply. Putin has done none of that has is doing what he said, defending the Russians in the Donbas. Crimea was always Russian and it was allocated to Kyiv (Russian: Kiev) by Khruschev in 1954 because (1) he grew up in the Donbas, and (2) he was in charge of Ukraine post-World War II and rebuilt it. It was his home.

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The Eastern region of Ukraine was historically always Russian. Ukraine was created by the USSR – it did not exist as a country before. This idea put out by the Ukrainians that keep trying to paint Putin as dead or just put down a coup is all propaganda. Yes, he is sick. But this nonsense that somehow replaces Putin and Ukraine wins is tempting far worse a fate than anyone can imagine. The next level will be far worse and our model turns up sharply with civil unrest and war in 2023, but the worse is yet to come post-2024.