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Putin is Not the Madman – Biden is Just Senile

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Yeltsin introduces Putin 9 8 1999

I feel sorry for you for those who believe the propaganda put out to justify a war that Putin is this madman. Be careful what you believe and wish for. You probably think the government really cares about you and your future. You probably still wear masks driving alone, or even when you sleep, and possibly a condom just in case for good measure.

Putin MI6 Spy Chief

There are those of us who have REAL contacts and who understand REAL geopolitics and the way governments create wars by filling the minds of their people that there are weapons of mass destruction. Now even a former MI6 agent has come out and said the same thing. You better be careful what you wish for. Putin was selected by Yeltsin BECAUSE he was not a Communist and was moderate. Yeltsin was under siege from the communists who did want to resurrect the USSR and the oligarchs who wanted to strip mine Russia for themselves. If Putin was a communist, Yeltsin and his family would have been in prison.

I have all the declassified documents from the Clinton Administration that CONFIRM that Putin was nothing that the propaganda is all about. He NEVER sought to resurrect the USSR. As far as the KGB, he was never high-ranking and quit in 1991 as soon as Russia fell. All of the comments put out there by John McCain were outright lies. I have the security briefing he read and said the opposite because he was a Neocon who just wanted endless wars.

So you can believe all the BS. They need you to do that to wage war and offer your life on their altar of political agendas. If you think you will be an armchair general and watch this war on CNN, sorry. It will come to a neighborhood near you. I just thank God I am not 18. The future these people want is total insanity. The Weimar Republic in Germany took place because it was a revolution against the imperial government that always waged war. We face the same fate when the people realize this has been a mountain of lies for a political agenda. When Zelensky came to power, he promised peace. He was then instructed by the West that was not acceptable. The West promoted the civil war in Ukraine.

It is the hardliners putting pressure on Putin because he has been “too soft” on Ukraine. Replace Putin and we will get World War III. Zelensky better pack his high-heels in an emergency exit bag.