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Navalny – You Do Not Know The Truth

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Navalny Alexei Pencil

QUESTION: Why was Nemtsov’s mother afraid of the anti-corruption activist Alexi Navalny? You did not explain why.


ANSWER: Alexei Navalny (1976-2024), as far as the image created of him as an activist against corruption, is something that the West used. Did Nemtsov’s mother understand more than what she was saying? Boris Nemtsov (1959-2015) was involved with Hermitage Capital Management’s plot to blackmail Yeltsin to take over Russia. MI6 assassinated Berezovsky to prevent him from telling Putin, and I believe it was the CIA that took out Edmond Safra.

Navalny Undercover CIA Asset

The reason Nemtsov’s mother was afraid for his life from Navalny, not Putin, was because Navalny was an undercover asset of the CIA. Alexei Navalny “was an agent sponsored by the CIA and MI6 to lead a coup against the duly elected government of Russia. He got caught and got himself killed for committing treason.” see Ezra Cohen Watnick, who was undersecretary of defense for intelligence during the Trump Administration. He posted this video on his Telegram channel.

Navalny did not graduate from school until 2001. His anti-corruption stance was not entirely what you think. The Western Intelligence operations had to clean up what took place with the whole blackmail plot of Yeltsin because he had appointed Putin to the FSA to prevent a coup, and he turned to him because (1) he was NOT a communist, and (2) he was NOT connected to Berezovsky’s group of the Seven Oligarchs.

Navalny was part of the clean-up crew, so Nemtsov’s mother feared him – not Putin.