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Is Zelensky Negotiating Peace in Bad Faith?

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2019 Zelensky Wins

There is serious concern that Zelensky is not negotiating in good faith and he is doing precisely the opposite of what he claimed he would do if elected. Why does Zelensky refuse to concede the Russian areas when in fact the border of Ukraine was drawn by the Soviet Union for administrative purposes. This is why the Donbas and Crimea were merely allocated to Ukraine and were never historically occupied by the Ukrainian people. Why put his entire country at risk and tell his citizens to kill Russian troops for what? This is as if Mexico demands the return of Texas because it use to be theirs despite the fact it is occupied by Americans.



There is serious concern that Zelensky is truly being told what to do by the Neocons like Hillary who cannot sleep at night as long as Russia and China exist. Nobody in the press will dare to reveal that it was Hillary who approved the bankers in trying to take over Russia by blackmailing Yeltsin. That is why Yeltsin turned to Putin in 1999, to begin with.



Trump Putin PuppetThis is WHY Hillary created the fake Steel Dossier and had the Democrats launch the attack on Trump portraying him as a puppet of Putin. It was Trump who pushed for energy independence which was the opposite of what the Democrats are doing pleading with everyone else to increase production so Biden can live up to his promise of ending fossil fuels with regard to American production.

The Ukrainian proposal to negotiate the status of the Crimean Peninsula over the next 15 years reflects Zelensky’s refusal to negotiate in good faith. The concern is that this may yet be used to claim that Russia will not seek peace and the talks break down by the week of April 14th. “Crimea is part of the Russian Federation,” Peskove responded to the Zelensky proposition. “According to our constitution, we cannot discuss with anyone the fates of Russian territories, the fates of Russian regions. That is out of the question.”

There remains a deep concern that Zelenskyy is only trying to stall and to make it appear that peace with Russia is impossible so NATO better come in. Zelensky is an actor so he is a professional liar and is playing a role. This guy seems hell-bent on creating World War III at the instigation of Neocons – which include both Democrats and Republicans. Hillary is out in force advocating war, based on information and belief. Some think this is just reverence for Putin interfering in the 2016 election which seems to be yet another piece of propaganda. The regime change needed here is in Ukraine and in the White House to save the world.