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Socrates & the Ruble

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QUESTION: Marty; I just wanted to comment that I am amazed that Socrates forecast the ruble through this mess showing a directional change in April leaving the March low intact. The ruble turned with your ECM target of March 14. Congrats. Your accomplishment is worth a Noble Prize for it actually works. Nobody had correctly forecasted these events. It is not hard to see how the government tortured you and your family for your accomplishment.

Do you think Putin took your advice on backing the ruble with gold?


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REPLY: Thank you. People fail to understand that events like these are just beyond human capability to reason and rationalize what will unfold. Nobody has lived through such events before so there is no possibility to rely upon personal experience. There are analysts who hate me and see this as competition. There are some things that just go far beyond human forecasting. Just compare the two Monthly Arrays from December and now. March was showing as a knee-jerk reaction and then there was a Directional Change in April. I do not think anyone in December could have foreseen the events of war and how the world economy would have been destroyed by Biden and his unimaginable sanctions. Even SWIFT refused in 2014 to remove Russia when asked by Obama. So how could anyone foresee such events?

Every government central bank and intelligence entity tunes into Socrates. Yes, my recommendation to Russia I published on March 23rd was to back the currency with gold in a reverse manner of FDR restricting the gold convertibility to domestic use rather than international. I did not speak with the Russian central bank, but I’m sure they understood the implication of what I suggested. The Russian Central Bank announced on April 5th that the ruble would be backed by gold making one gram of gold equal to 5,000 rubles.

Those pulling the strings connected to the mouths of Western world leaders are simply braindead. One day after Russia halted natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria due to “nonpayment in rubles“, Putin confirmed that he was willing to go ahead and shut down supplies to “unfriendly” nations. He has sent European natural gas prices soaring. It is clear that Europe’s united front is cracking. Already four European gas buyers have paid for supplies in rubles. Europe is DOOMED without Russia and they better wake up and stop following whatever dribble comes from Biden’s mouth for they are words he himself does not even comprehend.

2022_04_27_Ursula_von_der_Leyen_on_Twitter on Russian Gas

The European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was put in that position by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. Like Biden, she is selling war and the destruction of the world economy to achieve Schwab’s dream of his Great Reset to conquer the world with his vision of how it should operate.