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Are we Following the Path of Pearl Harbor?

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Pearl Harbor Investigation

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong.
You previously mentioned that the chance for world war 3 will come to play after 2027 … but nowadays you are warning that those dead head’s in the west are pushing the world into world war 3 right now.
Is there a change in the timeline?
With much appreciation,

ANSWER:  The post-2024 period appears to be a significant global war – all-in sort of thing. But will also be intermixed with shortages in commodities thanks to also weather conditions. Currently, the Neocons who have control of the Biden Administration are totally insane. They have used an executive order to do these sanctions bypassing Congress for as long as they do not send troops, they claim it is not an official declaration of war that ONLY Congress can issue. They are showing to the entire world that the very authoritarian regimes they hate, Russian and China, are precisely what they are doing in the United States intentionally trying to invoke war which they fully understand will NOT be sanctioned by Congress or the people.

The Neocons try to invoke patriotism so we follow whatever they say blindly when this is not a fight that is in the national interest. This is a fight for their hatred and they have no problem spilling the blood of our children as if this were some board game of war that makes them feel better because they defeated their enemy. These Neocons are HIGHLY dangerous and they are the reason for war and the end of Western Civilization. They are the real threat to national security and the future of our children and grandchildren.

Their strategy is taken right out of the war book used during the FDR Administration. This is precisely what FDR did to get the United States into World War II. He was frustrated because Congress would not authorize joining the war. When FDR went to Boston, the Irish lashed out at him saying that the British starved the Irish and they were now not going to go defend them. Many people who fled Europe to America wanted to be free of the hatred and politics in Europe. So it was NOT a popular idea of coming to the rescue of Europe which they fled.

The Neocons during the FDR Administration followed a clever agenda to circumvent Congress as they are doing right now. They were racists and simply hated the Japanese as is the case with Russians right now. They started in 1938 with a series of escalating highly restrictive trade restrictions imposed on Japan. The Neocons terminated the 1911 commercial treaty with Japan in 1939. They then tightened the Export Control Act of 1940, which was intended to prevent the scarcity of critical commodities in a likely prewar environment. In addition, this Act was directly targeting Japan to restrict the exportation of material to Imperial Japan.

This was followed by the United States embargoing scrap-metal shipments to Japan and closing the Panama Canal to Japanese shipping. The Neocons were seeking to isolate Japan without engaging in a war that only Congress could declare Japan, at the time, imported about 74% of its scrap iron from the US and over 90% of its copper.

Then on July 26, 1941, the US seized all Japanese assets in the United States in retaliation for the Japanese occupation of French Indo-China as they have done today with Russia’s reserves. This was followed on August 1 with an oil embargo and gasoline exports to Japan which also came from the United States. The oil embargo was the last straw when 80% of its energy supply came from the USA. The US also was proposing intervening to prevent Japan from getting oil from other sources.

The complete U.S. oil embargo was the last straw. The Japanese had to then seize Southeast Asia for resources which expanded the war instead of the old hatred between China and Japan. They needed to do that before they ran out of resources. To secure themselves in the Pacific, they attacked Pearl Harbor with no intention of actually invading the United States.

1942 Japanese internment Camps


Racism was highly dominant in WWII and that led to the imprisonment of all Japanese regardless if they were born in America. The prejudice became widespread and unfortunately, things are following along the same path. They have ERASED the name of the first man in space changing history all because he is just a Russian. The same hatred is emerging and this is a very dark sign for the future.

BOTH sides have their Neocons and these people will manipulate society to achieve their goals. We are just the pawns on the chessboard and they have discovered their clever ways to create wars with sanctions which then stage the military response because the people themselves never want war.

They held Congressional investigations to probe the allegation that FDR used the sanctions against Japan to create World War II because Congress and the people were against defending Europe.