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WOKE = Director Using Other People’s Money for Personal Beliefs

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; reading your piece on the unconstitutionality of this Woke Agenda, I must say as a legal expert that you are very accomplished in the law. You would have made one heck of a lawyer.


ANSWER: Thank you. I think we could take it one step further. You might want to consider a class action against the boards of directors PERSONALLY. This is no different than taking other people’s money for personal use. If they put their home gardening on the books and had the company pay those personal expenses on the side, that would be theft. Here they are also violating their fiduciary duty as a board member and using company money to further their own PERSONAL political agenda.

So while hiring people less qualified to fill spots to be able to check a box violates that person’s civil rights by engaging now in reverse discrimination, there is also a claim against the directors for using other people’s money for their personal political beliefs. A lawsuit should be brought against them to compel them to refund all the money they have spent on this WOKE agenda.

What if a board suddenly converts to some religion and decides to hand 10% of all profits to that church? Wouldn’t that violate their Fiduciary Duty? Where is the SEC when they really should be defending shareholders? There should be a Congressional hearing calling in these people from the SEC. Are they protecting corporate officers like the FBI is protecting Biden?

Write to your Congressman and demand an investigation into the SEC.

2 wrongs

Woke Discrimination