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Why the Rule of Law is Collapsing

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1 Big Government

QUESTION: Marty, Why did you not file a lawsuit against the government for false imprisonment?


ANSWER: I met with five law firms. The truth is when they say the corruption of the judge even changing transcripts and the court of appeals, NOT one lawyer had the guts to challenge the government and the courts. I think people even wrote to Judicial Watch and they would never answer.

When it comes to actually challenging how corrupt the entire system has become, no lawyer wanted to get involved. They are all afraid of the government. I met with one of the largest firms in Philadelphia. Their response – We don’t sue other lawyers.

Good luck in finding someone who will really defend you. I was at a meeting early on and 4 law firms were talking about how corrupt the judge was. When I told Tenzer Greenblatt to make a motion to recuse the judge, they said their firm would never do that for all the other judges in NYC would then prejudice their firm for even making a recusal motion. So much for the rule of law.

Perhaps Trump will bring all of this to the surface.