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When Clinton Made Same Argument as Trump Against Immigrants They Cheered

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In 1996 Bill Clinton made it mandatory prison time for any alien who reentered the country after being deported. It was Bill Clinton who made it law that any alien found guilty of virtually any crime even if legally here, they were to be deported even for non-violent crimes. There were no protests. The media SUPPORTED Clinton. So what is going on here? This is a complete excuse to overthrow the government and to destroy the Trump Administration. That is what is taking place. Nobody said anything about Clinton attack upon aliens legal or illegal.

There was an “illegal” alien who was brought here as a small child at the age of three. He grew up here and was married to an American and had 4 kids. He had a photo development shop in the World Trade Center. A broker filled out the paper work for his business. After 911, he was arrested for bank fraud because the broker checked he was a citizen just assuming. He could have become a citizen, but never had the time to go swear in. He was imprisoned for bank fraud, served 5 years in prison, and was then deported. His wife and children were reduced to living in the basement of a friend. That was the Clinton approach to illegal aliens. I even wrote a letter to the Cardinal of the Catholic Church for him in New York City arguing this violated human rights to separate families. I received no reply. But hey; everyone cheered and loved Bill Clinton.

Where was the Media & protesters in 1996? Anyone, even with a visa or green card, are deported if they are found guilty of any felony even if they have a family here in the USA. There was nobody to help the friend I knew – NOBODY! I wrote to the ACLU – no reply! If you return to even visit your family, that is another 5 years in prison. Where is the ACLU? Where are the protesters? Where are CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS … etc.? They were all silent proving this is not about a temporary ban, this is about overthrowing Trump.

8 U.S. Code § 1227 – Deportable aliens

PS: Every time I ever wrote to the ACLU about a constitutional violation for anyone, they NEVER did anything! I would NEVER donate a dime to the ACLU. I believe they are a phony political organization.