Tyranny of Interpreting Words

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COMMENT: I just read your analysis of Double Jeopardy. It was brilliant. I have never seen someone analyze it the way you have done. You have captured the true spirit of what it honestly meant.

God Help Us.


REPLY: This is the entire problem a single word can be reinterpreted to inflict tyranny. In Double Jeopardy, they focus on “offense” rather than “jeopardy” to effectively nullify any real protection of the prohibition. In 1975, when gold was to be legalized, I was asked by the New Jersey Senate to write the law that gold would not be subject to sales tax. I wrote gold was not subject to sales tax unless it was for “use” as in jewelry or dentistry etc. In 1980, I learned the hard way about Dual Sovereignty and how corrupt the legal system truly was.

The IRS walked in and declared me to be a bank, and I was supposed to report every transaction of $10,000 or more buying or selling. The State of New Jersey walked in and said I was a merchant. They said I was supposed to be collecting sales tax. I said no; I wrote the law for the State. I challenged them in a State Court and lost. They claimed the word “use” included investment use, and thus it was taxable. I was not allowed to testify in my case because they argued that whatever the Senate had asked me to write, I may have misunderstood. Senator Foran, who asked me to write the law, was allowed to testify only as an interested person and not as a Senator. The entire purpose was that gold would be traded for investment, and I was told they did not want it taxed the same as stocks. That is why I retired. I did not want to report on every transaction.

I learned that the interpretation of a single word will be twisted, so the government ALWAYS wins. This is why they are calling the January 6th protest an “insurrection” so they can use the 14th Amendment to bar Trump from ever being President. Yet over 1,000 people who have been charged for just being there were NEVER charged with “insurrection” because it did not meet the legal definition. The Judges are there to to inflict tyranny and pretend they are honest – right!

Shakespeare’s famous line, “the first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” meant the king’s prosecutors since private citizens were not allowed to have a lawyer. We are back where we were during the time of Henry VI. The prosecutors confiscated property back then and threw families out on the street. They use Civil Asset Forfeiture today to inflict the same tyranny under the ancient theory that assets violated the law and they need not prove you committed a crime – the ultimate tyranny.