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Trump’s Special Master

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Special Master Granted

A federal judge on Monday agreed to appoint a special master to review records seized by the FBI during its search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate, a move that is likely to delay the Justice Department’s criminal investigation. U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon in West Palm Beach, Florida, granted Trump’s request for a special master. This was an important ruling because it interjects an independent third party who is ABSOLUTELY needed in this case. She states that the review materials could be covered by the attorney-client privilege. (her ruling).

However, some are posting that the Democrats lost and this means they will not be able to indict Trump. That is true from the standpoint of federally prior to the election. However, I do not believe was ever the risk. To indict, they would have to submit evidence to a Grand Jury. I don’t think that was likely before the election without fake charges. The RISK of an indictment for political purposes will be for taxes in New York and election issues in Georgia. Both are launched by Democrats.

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The SPECIAL MASTER is so necessary because the problem with such a raid is that the FBI gets to make the pretend inventory. They could claim they found child pornography on his computers. This is the problem for the FBI “raid” was political. In my own case, they did the same. They NEVER provided ANY inventory of what they took from the office. In my case, they then conveniently claimed everything was destroyed in the World Trade Center. They took all the tapes from my office where in the industry the line is recorded so nobody can say you said buy when you said sell.

Docket Sheet Sealed 2013

What was on those tapes was enough to send many in New York to prison for 20 years+ admitting to even bribing Russian officials to recall Platinum for a trade. Hence, the REAL significance of a Special Master is he will now review what the FBI actually took and there will have to be a real live inventory. That was a MAJOR victory. It will also open the door to exposing the validity of the entire search. When Judge McKenna was trying to protect me and order the government to explain what I was even being charged with, the government had him removed from my case so they did not have to answer and put in a pro-government judge who would do as they told him. They sealed the record so I have no idea what even the arguments were to remove the judge.

Trust me. In a high-profile case, the judge does as they are told. For Trump to with this motion for a Special Master, in a normal case, that is one in a million. This has led to such a risk of major civil discord, I believe the Judge had no choice. She was ALSO not the magistrate, assistant to a judge basically, who granted the search. A magistrate could not hold a trial. They are the lower level people who grant bank of will rubber-stamp a search warrant as took place here.

Additionally, if she denied the Special Master, Trump would have appealed and p[probably could have been at the Supreme Court before the election. Even MORE significant, this was granted on a HOLIDAY – meaning this was the emergency judge delivering this opinion.

Tapes on Bank Manipulations in Armstrongs case TR 2 7 2000