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Trump Found Guilty in NYC – As Expected

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Merchan Judge Juan

Former President Donald Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, as a jury of 12 unanimously returned their verdict on May 30 after two days of deliberation. With this result, President Trump becomes the first ever American president to be convicted of a crime. Of course, he will appeal a conviction expeditiously.

This District Attorney will earn his fame in the history books about the decline and fall of the United States. This has crossed the line and now it will be open season against politicians and anyone who dares to run for office. The allegation was over $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels as if that entire issue made him president. That story was in the press prior to the election. Bragg claimed:

 The defendant DONALD J. TRUMP repeatedly and fraudulently falsified New York business records to conceal criminal conduct that hid damaging information from the voting public during the 2016 presidential election.

Trump with Jury


When Manhattan District Attorney District Attorney indicted Trump on 34 counts last April for allegedly falsifying business documents in connection to $130,000 paid to keep porn star Stormy Daniels quiet about her claims of an affair, he elevated what is typically a misdemeanor charge to a felony by arguing it was done to conceal another crime, which they failed to specify.

Bragg had to clarify in court the unstated crime they allege former President Donald Trump intended to conceal, which was not clearly specified in the indictment, according to multiple reports. That was to hide the info from the election.

While I am in Europe right now, this trial has lowered the image of the United States and appears to be fulfilling the model’s forecast that we are staring into the eyes of a collapse in confidence in government. It is spreading as a contagion on a global basis and this insane trial is what 2032 is all about. Government should NEVER be allowed to instigate prosecutions for they will always abuse that power for political purposes.

Dickens Suffer any WrongMill John Stuart Legal Persecution

I suggest reading John Stuart Mill’s classic book – ON LIBERTY. No matter what century, whenever government has the power to prosecute rather than private individuals, rule of law crumbles to dust and this is what results as the first injury civilization suffers that begins the fall and decline.

Maximinus I 235 238AD AE Sesterius R

The Roman Emperor Maximinus I used Conspiracy, a crime still used by the United States yet abandoned in Europe, Russia, and China. Conspiracy is the law of tyrants, for it allows the conviction of someone for a crime they did not commit, nor even attempted to commit but you claim they “intended” purely as a mental state to commit in the future. Maximinus I engaged in legal persecution.

Using conspiracy, the law of tyrants, Maximinus I effectively tore the Roman economy apart at its seams. He charged a noted Senator by the name of Magnus, with conspiracy against the emperor, found him guilty, executed him, and then arrested 4,000 others claiming they conspired with him to intend to depose him. He then used criminal law to claim they had committed a conspiracy, and that, of course, justified confiscating all their property as well.

Smith Garland

On the January 6th trial in Washington, The Biden Administration indicted Former President Donald Trump that he conspired to defraud the country he used to lead and attempted to prevent the peaceful transfer of presidential power to Joe Biden. This is the same theory all tyrants have used throughout history for you need not prove that there was even a crime committed. Just that the intended for conspiracy is just an agreement.

DJIND D Array 5 30 24

Curiously, this came on the turning point with a Directional Change here on the 40th. The volatility will rise next week.

DJIND W 5 30 24

When we look at the Weekly Array, next week has been the target with rising volatility thereafter.

DJIND M 5 30 24

The Monthly Array has targeted June as a major turning point this year with a Double Directional Change. So far, May has lived up to its forecast globally. When the rule of law collapses, civilization can no longer survive.