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Trudeau Removing Attorney Client Privilege For Taxes

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Hunt MoneyTrudeau is Klas Schwab’s pet. He does as he is told. No world leader has sought to destroy the attorney-client privilege, but Trudeau is hunting money for taxes and removing the confidentiality between Canadians and their lawyers. What is next? Priests must report every sin to Trudeau they hear in confession.
Trudeau is now passing the Notice to the Professions: whereby this is the Amendments to the Mandatory Disclosure Rules in the Income Tax Act
Trudeau looks upon the people as absolute scum. He ONLY represents the World Economic Forum. Trudeau is going after taxes and destroying the very foundation of a free society.
Canadian lawyers are objecting for this is a fundamental foundation of the rule of law in Western society. Trudeau is now removing attorney-cleint privilege with the stoke of a pen. The Attorney General of Canada has at least agreed to exempt lawyers, paralegals, and articling students, from the mandatory disclosure provisions in sections 237.3 and 237.4 of the Income Tax Act ONLY until the earlier of the Court’s decision in respect of the Federation’s application or November 20, 2023.
What Trudeau is doing is being wacthed by most Western governments. If he gets away with this, the legal profession will NEVER be the same. Trudeau represents Schwab, Soros, and the WEF – not the people of Canada.