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The Government Always Tries to Intimidate Judges

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Colorado Supreme Court

QUESTION: Why do you think these four judges ruled so unconstitutionally when we are all taught in grade school justice for all and innocent until proven guilty? I think anyone can see this decision was political, pronouncing Trump guilty without any charge or trial.


noah bookbinder

ANSWER: Noah Bookbinder, the lawyer who brought this case, was connected to Biden, and these judges knew who he was. He selected Colorado just as Special Prosecutor Jack Smith selected Washington, DC, to get the indictment on Trump for a charge in Florida. He selected Colorado because it has a 100% Democratic-appointed supreme court, and the state is so left it could never walk a straight line in a sobriety test. This is called FORUM SHOPPING, which is unethical.

Bookbinder cleverly brought the case under the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), where he is the President and CEO. His connection to the Biden Administration is very alarming. He sits on the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Advisory Council (HSAC).

White Mary Jo

When I was indicted, I self-surrendered in Trenton, New Jersey, when the indictment was filed in New York City to protect the banks. The accounts were in Philadelphia at Republic New York Securities – not New York City. They also engaged in forum shopping in NYC because the judges there will ALWAYS protect the bankers. Mary Jo White came from New York City to Trenton to intimidate the Judge that I should not be granted bail.  My lawyer pointed out to the court:

“There has been no default on any instrument to date and most tellingly which demonstrates the lack of understanding that there is no crime here and no victim, there hasn’t been a default by the entities nor has there been a complaint by an investor.”

Yet, Mary Jo White, who was the head of NY prosecutors, came to put on a show that this was a major case and I was to be denied bail. The court was stunned by the lack of anything by the bank’s claim that $1 billion was missing, and they had no idea where it was. That is simply impossible since the only way to get that kind of money out of a bank is by wire. Mary Jo White’s presents did not win the day, and in New Jersey, they failed to put on any case that warranted the denial of bail. When the court granted the bail, Mary Jo White came up to me within inches of my face, drooling and showing her teeth like some dog snarling at me. The entire purpose of her appearance was to intimidate the judge, which failed. This is what Bookbinder did to intimidate 4 judges who knew the connection to Biden, and he wanted Trump removed from the ballot because they staged this entire January 6th event so they could use the 14th Amendment to prevent Trump from being elected.

My Lawyer to the court on 9/13/99:

My clients did as I said, filed against the bank, and they were forced to return the money and plead guilty.

Trenton no Defaults 9 13 1999

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