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The Fallout from The Extreme Left’s Judge Engoron Destroying NY City

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Judge Erogadan

Justice Arthur F. Engoron represents the vile, disgusting degree of the completely out-of-control judicial system in New York City. It has been people like him throughout history that spark revolutions. I have warned that New York is the most unconstitutional judicial system on the face of the earth, and it really should be shut down and all judges dismissed or imprisoned. They genuinely think they are above the law and have such ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY that they can do anything they desire. This judgment against Trump of nearly half a billion dollars is so outrageous it violates the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, which was intended to prevent the action of judges like this.

What this outrageous judge has done to Trump can be done now to any company in New York City. Because of that, the risk of owning shares in a New York domicled company must be considered to be a political high-risk. This factor now needs to be addressed in asset allocation in the same way as Country Risk – now we have City & State Risk. Miami is rapidly replacing New York as the new Wall Street. This decision will only accelerate that move to Florida ASAP. Only a fool would now remain in New York City. This judgment was intentionally designed to bankrupt Trump and his companies. It is indistinguishable from a country like Iran just nationalizing private assets.

Eighth Amendment

I cannot believe the reaction I am hearing worldwide and domestically. Truckers are starting to band together to refuse to transport anything to New York City. If the truckers band together to show the world that New York City will no longer be tolerated, at best, they will have seven days’ worth of food supply before New York begins to slide into chaos.

Judge Against Trump

Internationally, I am hearing many institutions are starting to talk the same game. They are looking to boycott any securities domiciled in New York City that could be destroyed on the whim of a judge.  This is a direct assault on Democracy and is intended to interfere in the 2024 election and deprive 50% of the nation of the right to vote. This judge should be arrested forthwith for violating the civil rights of half the nation.

2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote

I have been saying in various interviews that I have NEVER witnessed the computer projecting such a potential for a landslide in the 2024 election. Look at the 2008 election. Obama won only 52.9% of the popular vote, and in 2012, he won with just 51.1%. Only FDR, LBJ, and Richard Nixon won over 60% of the popular vote. To see two of our models project a landslide is incredible.

2028 Presidential forecast

Now, look at the stark forecast the computer has for 2028. Never have I ever seen such a landslide in the entire history of the United States. I do not see how it is possible for the country not to separate. These tactics by Judge Engoron are so un-American it is outrageous. What’s next? He will pull a Trudeau and fine everyone who donates to Trump as a co-conspirator and impose fines greater than their entire net worth? He is a total disgrace to to the rule of law.

Lincoln House Divided

As I pointed out to the Supreme Court, not since Abraham Lincoln was removed from the ballot of ten states have we ever witnessed what they are trying to do to Trump. The people should decide who is president – not tactics like this and fake judges who swore an oath to defend the Constitution he just tore to shreds.

Truckers Canada

Thank God for the Truckers! Those truckers in Canada showed the world that they could bring down government policies. Eventually, the High Court ruled what Trudeau did was unconstitutional. The truckers of Canada were an inspiration, and we are witnessing protests from Farmers worldwide following their lead. What New York City has done to Trump is so unconstitutional and in-your-face corrupt that this city no longer even deserves to call itself part of America. It is so foreign to the foundation of everything the Founding Fathers stood for; it is merely a prelude to what our computer has warned will happen – a national divorce between the red and blue states for civilization can no longer be maintained when one side thinks they have a right to oppress the other.

Civilization only makes sense when everyone benefits from joining together.