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The DOJ has Always Been a Political Tool

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QUESTION: You said that Barr would not defend Trump. Are you implying that the DOJ is just a tool of the President?


ANSWER: Absolutely. Barr would not appoint even a special counsel to investigate Biden’s son. That was clearly an indication that he was there to protect the swamp and had no intention of being independent whatsoever. Had Barr appointed a special prosecutor, then Biden could not shut down the investigation. Every step Barr made was against Trump.

Comey James Testify

The documentary film “Atticus V. The Architect” exposes how Karl Rove used the Department of Justice to stop the former governor of Alabama from rising to a potential presidential candidate. This film uncovers the truth behind a hijacked election here in the USA and how the power to indict people should NEVER rest in the hands of any government. Barr would NEVER investigate Hillary, and in her interview with the FBI, Comey never bothered to take notes to ensure she could never be charged with perjury, as was the case with Martha Stewart who they indicted for lying to the FBI in such an interview.

Any criminal lawyer could tell you the truth that the FBI will ALWAYS take such notes just to make sure they can indict you for a lie. Comey took notes in speaking to Trump, but not Hillary. The swamp may actually have been filled in, but with so much bullshit, now weeds are growing so tall as to obscure the view.