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Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects Biden call for Warrantless Searches for Handguns

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There was no other case that so exemplified how the LEFT is so anti-American than Biden’s argument before the Supreme Court for Warrantless Searches for Handguns. As I have written before, it was the writs of assistance where the kings mend could just enter your home and search for anything that sparked the Revolution.

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The King sought to crack down on smuggling in the American colonies, and to do so the British increasingly began to use Writs of Assistance. A type of search warrant that inspired the 4th Amendment because these writs authorized government officials to look for contraband, such as smuggled goods, in private homes and businesses at random. The writs also placed no limits on the time, place, or manner of a search. In 1761, sixty-three Boston merchants challenged the legality of the process. James Otis, Jr., an attorney who had formerly represented the royal government, argued the case for the merchants. Though they lost their case, the surrounding publicity fueled anger within the merchant classes of Boston against the British government. John Adams was there listening to the argument of James Otis. He remarked that there and then the revolution was born.

I find it really just unbelievable that anyone with a law degree would dare to even make such an argument. Those in the Solicitor General’s Office who made this argument should be disbarred from ever practicing law. The Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY rejected the Biden Administration’s argument and that says a lot there and then. The ruling was handed down yesterday in Caniglia v. Strom, court file 20-157. Oral arguments took place telephonically on March 24.

No doubt, this will inspire the Democrats to try to stack the Supreme Court with their own stooges to overthrow the Constitution and install complete authoritarian rule. They will ignore that this was a UNANIMOUS decision because anyone claiming to have a legal degree who would vote in favor of the Biden Administration is a traitor to the very foundation of everything this nation stood for against such tyranny. Such a case should NEVER have been brought with a straight face. This would have been more appropriate for Saturday Night Live.