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Supreme Court Saves the Nation Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

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The Supreme Court saved the nation today unless you are a Democrat that only believes the party line. For the rest of us who are independent thinkers and realize the government is NEVER truthful, the Court banned the enforcement of Biden’s signature efforts to combat COVID-19 which was really to intimidate and divide the nation. The Court ruled that his administration doesn’t have the authority to impose sweeping vaccine-or-testing requirements for employers that would have covered tens of millions of Americans. There is absolutely nothing in the authority of OSHA to mandate such a vaccine. Had the Cout upheld it, then OSHA could mandate every vaccine.

This was the second time the Court heard arguments in the emergency appeal to use this COVID to impose sweeping new powers. The Court again made it clear that the pandemic policy of the Biden administration is simply unconstitutional. For Biden to authorize such power bypassing Congress is the very essence of tyranny. There will be Democrats who are so caught up in the politics that they cannot grasp that allowing Biden to do that would leave him with unlimited power. You better be mindful that when the Republicans get in, they would be able to use such a work-around to create another crisis.

The decision drew a dissent from the court’s three liberal justices. Nonetheless, I have to completely disagree. You must be mindful that granting that power in this instance would open the door to use this same power for anything. The liberal justices argued that agencies are better positioned than courts to make assessments about rapidly shifting public health emergencies. But Tedros of the WHO is not even a doctor and OSHA is not a medical agency.

The Biden Administration seeking unlimited power argued that the law permits the agency to set an emergency rule when a “grave danger” exists that could expose workers to “substances or agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful or from new hazards.” But this is far too vague to include medical vaccines when OSHA does not have a medical focus.

Once you grant a power not expressly authorized, then any vague concept could equally be imposed. They could then also impose a rule that no unmarried worker could have sex without a condom because that could lead to VD under the pretense of protecting them. How about imposing mandatory colon exams annually? This is the problem when you allow such an action to stand. The Liberal Judges always bow to the authority of government. That is extremely dangerous.

Biden is already at the lowest approval rating of any president in history. This will no doubt fall even below a 33% approval rating. Perhaps the inflation rate might even surpass Biden’s approval rating if this keeps up. He will go down in history as the worst president ever – assuming his administration does not expand the cancel culture to recording history as most tyrants do.