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Suing Universities & Schools

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There is a class-action lawsuit against Rutgers University seeking a partial refund to tuition because they closed the campus due to COVID. This is one lawsuit that seeks to impose some damages upon the university. I have spoken to students who say their teachers changed with virtual classes and they have failed when they were honor students before. The cost of education by virtual should be minimal since they do not need an elaborate infrastructure.

However, it is still different than what I am suggesting. Mandatory vaccines impose risk and these universities are just jumping on the bandwagon in a me-too fashion without any due diligence on their part. By mandating vaccines, they should be held liable for all damages and you should be able to bring them to court for their lack of fiduciary duty to the students to verify that these vaccines pose no risk.

Moreover, any university which accepts grants from  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or Bloomberg should be subject to an audit to see if there is any mandate for vaccines linked to any grant. If that is true, then lawsuits against both the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as Bloomberg become viable.

The same is applicable to high schools, grade schools, and pre-school.